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security/kerberos-1.2.4 (Score: 3.3610134)
Kerberos bindings for python
This Python package is a high-level wrapper for Kerberos (GSSAPI) operations. The goal is to avoid having to build a module that wraps the entire Kerberos.framework, and instead offer a limited set of functions that do what is needed for client/server Kerberos authentication based on <http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4559.txt>.
www/trac-1.0.13 (Score: 3.3610134)
Enhanced wiki and issue tracking system for software projects
Trac uses a minimalistic approach to web-based software project management. Our mission; to help developers write great software while staying out of the way. Trac should impose as little as possible on a team's established development process and policies. All aspects of Trac have been designed with one single goal, to simplify tracking and communication of software issues, enhancements and monitoring overall progress. What is Trac? * An integrated system for managing software projects * An enhanced wiki * A flexible web-based issue tracker * An interface to the Subversion revision control system At the core of Trac lies an integrated wiki and issue/bug database. Using wiki markup, all objects managed by Trac can directly link to other issues/bug reports, code changesets, documentation and files.
comms/gr-osmosdr-20150716 (Score: 2.9408867)
GNU Radio OsmoSDR module
OsmoSDR is a 100% Free Software based small form-factor inexpensive SDR (Software Defined Radio) project.
graphics/geos-3.5.0 (Score: 2.9408867)
GEOS implements all the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL"
GEOS (Geometry Engine - Open Source) is a C++ port of the Java Topology Suite (JTS). As such, it aims to contain the complete functionality of JTS in C++. This includes all the OpenGIS "Simple Features for SQL" spatial predicate functions and spatial operators, as well as specific JTS topology functions such as IsValid().
graphics/proj-4.9.2 (Score: 2.9408867)
Cartographic Projections library
Cartographic Projections library that performs projections to and from various cartographic coordinate systems.
net-im/pidgin-guifications-2.16 (Score: 2.9408867)
Plugin to add msn style "toaster" popups to Pidgin
Guifications is a Pidgin plugin that displays msn style "toaster" popups in a user-defined corner of the screen. It's highly configurable, and easy to use.
net-mgmt/tcpreplay-4.1.1 (Score: 2.9408867)
Tool to replay saved packet capture files
Tcpreplay is aimed at testing the performance of a Network Intrusion Detection System by replaying real background network traffic in which to hide attacks. Tcpreplay allows you to control the speed at which the traffic is replayed, and can replay arbitrary libpcap traces. Unlike programmatically-generated artificial traffic which doesn't exercise the application/protocol inspection that a NIDS performs, and doesn't reproduce the real-world anomalies that appear on production networks (asymmetric routes, traffic bursts/lulls, fragmentation, retransmissions, etc.), tcpreplay allows for exact replication of real traffic seen on real networks.
net/openbsc-0.15.0 (Score: 2.9408867)
GSM network in a box software
OpenBSC is a minimalistic implementation of the GSM Network, with particular emphasis on the functionality typically provided by the BSC, MSC, HLR, VLR and SMSC.
textproc/ferret- (Score: 2.9408867)
Ferret is a ruby port of Lucene
Ferret is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine library written for Ruby. It is a full port of the Apache Lucene Java project. There is a pure Ruby version included.
www/bzr-20110228 (Score: 2.9408867)
Bazaar-NG plugin for Trac
Trac-Bzr is a plugin for Trac (>= 0.10) that provides a version control backend for Bzr.
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