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comms/comserv-1.4.4 (Score: 0.3409077)
Access local serial ports via network connections
The comservd program provides a facility to access network terminal server serial ports, such as those available on Xyplex terminal server models, via /dev device file entries. This allows programs such as tip(1) to access devices connected to the terminal server serial ports. Additionally, comservd can serve up local serial ports to remote systems, effectively turning the system running comservd into a terminal server with respect to its own local serial ports.
comms/pr-1.1 (Score: 0.3409077)
Daemon that connects local terminal device to a terminal server
The package consists of two programs - PortRedorector and PortTest. PortRedirector is a daemon that runs telnet to the remote port of the terminal server and redirects its input and output to a virtual terminal device (/dev/pty*). The corresponding slave device (dev/tty*) then can be used by an application that expects a local async terminal port. For example, to monitor a UPS (connected to AUX ports on a Cisco router) using nut. Whenever telnet subprocess terminates on any reason, it is restarted as soon as any data received from the terminal device. It can also work when authentication is required, i.e. it can pass username and password specified in its configuration file. PortTest is something like cu(1). You can use either of them to test the connection.
comms/sms_client-3.0.2 (Score: 0.3409077)
Simple UNIX SMS client to send messages to phones or pagers
A simple UNIX client allowing you to send SMS messages to mobile phones and pagers. The software currently supports a number of providers and protocols from various countries. Using an unlisted provider that allows TAP access should be pretty straight forward. There are a large number of services that do not appear to use TAP, but instead, simple user interfaces for interactive use by a user dialing up with a modem. For several UK based services such as these drivers have been written, note that providers often offer more that one service and as such you may require a different driver for each one.
comms/mlan3-1.00 (Score: 0.31254512)
Version 3.00 beta API for Dallas Semiconductors 1-wire lan devices
A port of Dallas Semiconductors 3.00 beta API for accessing 1-wire LAN devices. Only DS2480 serial port adapters are supported by this port.
comms/xcwcp-3.5.0 (Score: 0.23013443)
X11 CW Tutor using unixcw
xcwcp: a CW tutor program for X Window environment. It offers the same random and keyboard sending as comms/cwcp, and in addition can read CW that sent to it using the keyboard or mouse as a keyer, making it useful for sending as well as receiving practice.
comms/uartlirc-0.3 (Score: 0.22323686)
Driver for "homebrew" serial LIRC receivers
This is a driver for "homebrew" type serial LIRC reveivers as described here: http://lirc.org/receivers.html It overrides the `normal' uart(4) driver, if you have that driver already loaded or statically in your kernel (like it is in GENERIC) then you need to load uartlirc.ko from loader.conf(5) (or manually via the loader prompt) for the override to work. The driver provides a /dev/lircX node for each serial port in addition to the normal tty nodes /dev/cuauX etc, so you can still use other serial ports normally should you have more than one. Note: it only supports PCI/motherboard serial ports not ones connected via USB, for USB you can use mceusb hardware supported via webcamd, or FTDI hardware supported by comms/lirc natively via libftdi, see: http://wiki.freebsd.org/WebcamCompat and the comms/lirc port's pkg-message.
comms/acfax-0.981011 (Score: 0.17073227)
Receive faxes using sound card and radio
acfax is a program to decode faxes off a radio. It features on-the-fly image adjustments and control over a wide array of receiving options.
comms/aldo-0.7.5 (Score: 0.17073227)
Morse code training program
Aldo is a Morse code tutor. At the moment it has four kinds of exercises: Classic exercise, the Koch method, Callsign exercise, and exercises read from files.
comms/amtterm-1.4 (Score: 0.17073227)
Serial-over-lan client for Intel AMT
This is a serial-over-lan (sol) client for Intel AMT. Includes a terminal and a graphical (gtk) version. Also comes with a perl script to gather informations about and remotely control AMT managed computers.
comms/anyremote-6.3.2 (Score: 0.17073227)
Remote control service over Bluetooth, infrared, or TCP/IP networking
The overall goal of this project is to provide remote control service on Linux through Bluetooth, InfraRed, Wi-Fi or just TCP/IP connection. anyRemote supports wide range of modern cell phones like Nokia, SonyEricsson, Motorola and others. It was developed as thin communication layer between Bluetooth (or IR, Wi-Fi) capabled phone and UNIX, and in principle could be configured to manage almost any software.
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