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textproc/gtkspell-2.0.16 (Score: 0.35026014)
Programming reference for textproc/gtkspell
This port contains the programming reference for textproc/gtkspell.
textproc/libxml++-2.34.2 (Score: 0.35026014)
Programming reference for textproc/libxml++26
This port contains the programming reference for textproc/libxml++26.
textproc/libxml2-2.9.4 (Score: 0.35026014)
Programming reference for textproc/libxml2
This port contains the programming reference for textproc/libxml2.
textproc/libxslt-1.1.29 (Score: 0.35026014)
Programming reference for textproc/libxslt
This port contains the programming reference for textproc/libxslt.
textproc/go.text-20160702 (Score: 0.26017702)
Additional textproc packages for Go
go.text contains additional Go packages for text processing.
textproc/asm2html-1.7 (Score: 0.23285711)
Converts NASM syntax assembly code to HTML code
asm2html converts NASM syntax assembly code into HTML output, suitable for display as web pages on your web site. Soon it will produce XHTML output, with additional options.
textproc/mgdiff-1.0 (Score: 0.23285711)
Graphical front end to the UNIX diff command
This is mgdiff, a graphical front end to the UNIX diff command based upon X11R[456] and the Motif widget set. It allows the user to select two files for comparison, runs the diff command, parses the output, and presents the results graphically. This presentation can also be used to generate a user-specified merge of the two files into a third file. This program's appearance is based upon a program called gdiff, which runs only on Silicon Graphics workstations and for which source code is not provided.
textproc/smi-1.4 (Score: 0.23285711)
Simple Markdown Interpreter / filter for simplified markup dialect
Smi is a Simple Markup Interpreter / filter for simplified Markup dialect. smi can be fed text in Markdown, and return HTML output. smi can be fed HTML, and return the markup translated to entities. I use smi as a filter for devel/cgit to parse the README.md files, returning HTML output. I am also using it to markup wiki pages, for a git backed wiki. The use cases are limited only by your imagination.
textproc/confget-2.0.0 (Score: 0.23285711)
Read variables from INI-style configuration files
The confget utility examines a INI-style configuration file and retrieves the value of the specified variables from the specified section. Its intended use is to let shell scripts use the same INI-style configuration files as other programs, to avoid duplication of data. The confget utility may retrieve the values of one or more variables, list all the variables in a specified section, list only those whose names or values match a specified pattern (shell glob or regular expression), or check if a variable is present in the file at all. It has a "shell-quoting" output mode that quotes the variable values in a way suitable for passing them directly to a Bourne-style shell.
textproc/sansi-1.0.1 (Score: 0.23285711)
Removes ANSI control sequences/characters, from files
sansi was written to strip the ANSI control sequences in files, or output, often, but not limited to those generated by compilers. I found it difficult to visually grope/grep the output of script(1) sessions. Especially with the advent of clang. While it's nice to replay the script(1) sessions to view the highlighted messages. It's near impossible to read it inline in your favorite pager, or text editor; Enter sansi.
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