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graphics/gle-graphics-4.2.4.c (Score: 0.55935466)
Graphics language that produces images from script files
GLE is a graphics language that produces PostScript, EPS, PDF, PNG, or JPG ouput from a simple script file. GLE is a full featured scripting language that includes variables, subroutines, logic control, looping, a graphing tool, and more to produce high quality output. It has a full range of facilities for producing publication-quality graphs, diagrams, posters and slides. GLE provides LaTeX quality fonts together with a flexible graphics module, which allows the user to specify any feature of a graph (down to the line width of the subticks, for example).
Cairo backend for Graphics::Primitive
This module draws Graphics::Primitive objects using Cairo.
graphics/Graphics-Color-0.31 (Score: 0.48639822)
Device and library agnostic color spaces
Graphics color is a device and library agnostic system for creating and manipulating colors in various color spaces.
graphics/Graphics-GnuplotIF-1.8 (Score: 0.48190567)
Dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot
Graphics::GnuplotIF is a simple and easy to use dynamic Perl interface to gnuplot. gnuplot is a freely available, command-driven graphical display tool for Unix.
graphics/Graphics-Primitive-0.67 (Score: 0.47741312)
Device and library agnostic graphic primitives
Graphics::Primitive is library agnostic system for drawing things. The idea is to allow you to create and manipulate graphical components and then pass them off to a Driver for actual drawing.
graphics/Graphics-ColorNames-2.11 (Score: 0.45495042)
Perl class that defines RGB values for common color names
This module provides an interface to retrieve the RGB values for common color names. This prevents authors from having to redefine these colors in their perl script, and also makes an easy interface to let a user pick their own color.
biology/Bio-Graphics-2.39 (Score: 0.4039194)
Generate GD Images of Bio::Seq Objects
p5-Bio-Graphics is a simple GD-based renderer (diagram drawer) for DNA and protein sequences.
WWW color names and equivalent RGB values
WWW color names and equivalent RGB values. This modules defines color names and their associated RGB values from various WWW specifications and implementations.
textproc/Text-Graphics-1.0001 (Score: 0.36633253)
Text graphics rendering toolkit
This is a toolkit for rendering plain text via an API like that used for graphics rendering in GUI toolkits. This package might be used when you want to do sophisticated rendering of plain text, e.g., for graphing, creating of complex forms for email and fax, and so on. -Anton <tobez@FreeBSD.org>
graphics/kipi-plugins-4.14.0 (Score: 0.26746765)
KDE 4 kipi graphics plugins (meta port)
Kipi (KDE Image Plugin Interface) is an effort to develop a common plugin structure for Digikam, KimDaBa, Showimg and Gwenview. Its aim is to share image plugins among graphic applications.
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