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net-mgmt/nagcon-0.0.30 (Score: 0.14104229)
Nagios console monitor
Nagcon is a console application interfacing to Nagios 2.0 and 3.0 which gives you an overview of all services with troubled services.
net/cnd-0.7 (Score: 0.14104229)
Console network display
cnd or console network display is a curses based real time display of a networks input and output.
graphics/seejpeg-1.10 (Score: 0.13670042)
Console graphics viewer using the svga console graphics library
A console graphics viewer using the svga console graphics library. Seejpeg is another JPEG viewer which utilizes svgalib and contains limited GIF, PPM, BMP and TARGA viewing support.
devel/snackwich-1.3.18 (Score: 0.13323167)
Configuration-based Console UI Framework
Configuration-based Snack/Newt adaptation for easy and attractive console UI forms.
security/kc-2.3.2 (Score: 0.13323167)
Console based password storing application
Console based password storing application using an encrypted XML document as its database.
www/newsbeuter-2.9 (Score: 0.13065818)
RSS feed reader for the text console
Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader for the text console.
databases/leo_center-0.4.70 (Score: 0.130568)
LeoFS Web console
LeoFS is a highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed file system for the Web. LeoCenter is LeoFS Web console in your browser. You can use it to easily operate LeoFS.
editors/dkns-1.96 (Score: 0.12533085)
Simple console text editor
Dickens is a simple, one-buffer-in-one-window, console text editor. Dickens only understands UNIX-style text files expressed in ASCII, and is therefore of little or no use to the non-English-speaking world. Dickens is written in Munger(1). Features include interactive filename completion, tags support, regular-expression search-and-replace, and unlimited undo/redo.
games/tetrinet-0.11 (Score: 0.12533085)
Console tetrinet client
Tetrinet is a multiplayer, networked tetris game for up to 6 players. This is a Tetrinet client for the console. You must be using at least a 50-line text display to run this version of Tetrinet. This is made by either typing 'vidcontrol 80x50' before you start tetrinet, or by adding 'allscreens_flags="80x50"' to /etc/rc.conf.
devel/pry-0.10.3 (Score: 0.120183885)
IRB alternative and runtime developer console
pry is an IRB alternative and runtime developer console. Git repository: https://github.com/pry/pry