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audio/ctronome-0.5.6 (Score: 3.2425127)
Programmable console-based metronome
A very simple yet powerful programmable console metronome.
audio/idjc-0.8.16 (Score: 3.2425127)
Shoutcast/Icecast DJ Console
Shoutcast / Icecast software for Internet Radio
audio/rexima-1.4 (Score: 3.2425127)
ncurses-based console mixer
A small and flexible console mixer using ncurses.
audio/umodplayer-0.b5.1 (Score: 3.2425127)
Console module player
UModPlayer or Universal Module Player is a audio module "tool-chain", providing you functions to work with modules like playing, exporting, getting information, and more. * You can play the supported formats and seek to any order in the song. You have pause, timer, display, and other standard features. * You can view the pattern notes while playing. * Playlist support: you can create playlists, delete or move individual items in a playlist, import a playlist from the current directory contents, save a playlist and load a saved playlist... * You can specify any of the ModPlug options: noise reduction, megabass, surround, reverb sound options specifying the grade and the delay of most of the options. * You can export the audio data of a module to any of the supported formats * You can read and export to a file the song builtin message, the song instrument names and the song sample names. * Each user of your UNIX box can save all the sound options. * And much more!
audio/ximp3-0.1.15 (Score: 3.2425127)
Simple console MP3 player
A simple console MP3 player. It is based on the GPL'ed Xing decoder also used in Zinf.
databases/leo_center-0.4.70 (Score: 3.2425127)
LeoFS Web console
LeoFS is a highly scalable, fault-tolerant distributed file system for the Web. LeoCenter is LeoFS Web console in your browser. You can use it to easily operate LeoFS.
devel/Console-2.4.4 (Score: 3.2425127)
Symfony2 Console Component
Symfony Console Component
devel/tkcon-2.5 (Score: 3.2425127)
Tk console for Tcl
TkCon is a replacement for the standard console that comes with Tk. The console itself provides many more features than the standard console. It is meant primarily to aid one when working with the little details inside tcl and tk.
editors/dkns-1.96 (Score: 3.2425127)
Simple console text editor
Dickens is a simple, one-buffer-in-one-window, console text editor. Dickens only understands UNIX-style text files expressed in ASCII, and is therefore of little or no use to the non-English-speaking world. Dickens is written in Munger(1). Features include interactive filename completion, tags support, regular-expression search-and-replace, and unlimited undo/redo.
emulators/o2em-1.17 (Score: 3.2425127)
Odyssey2 / Videopac console emulator
Odyssey2 / Videopac+ emulator.
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