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sysutils/whatpix-1.2 (Score: 0.086187504)
Perl console application which finds, moves, or deletes duplicate files
whatpix is a GPL Perl console application which finds and optionally moves or deletes duplicate files. whatpix was originally written by codex@bogus.net. The original web site for whatpix is http://www.bogus.net/~codex/ You can find versions prior to 1.0 there. whatpix is currently being developed and maintained by 3Jane Tessier-Ashpool and Gerard Lanois.
mail/pfqueue-0.5.6 (Score: 0.08356893)
Console-based tool for handling Postfix 1, Postfix 2, and Exim queues
pfqueue provides a console (ncurses) interface to Postfix 1, Postfix 2 and Exim mail queues. It is a real-time queue scanner that shows per-queue lists of existing messages; the messages can be deleted, put on hold or released. For example, it may be useful to inspect a traffic jam at a given time, to see what is falling into and unexpectedly crowding your deferred queue. Marcus Alves Grando <mnag@FreeBSD.org>
editors/heme-0.4.2 (Score: 0.08095036)
Small and fast console hex editor for Unix-like systems
Heme is intended to be fast and portable console hex editor for Unix-like systems. It has undo support (number of undo operations is only limited by available memory), ability to fill a range of addresses with the specified byte, ability to search for a single byte or character string. Offsets can be given in hexadecimal, octal, or decimal forms. There are two editing modes: hex (binary) and ASCII (text). Heme uses standard curses library for screen and input handling, and offers colors support (they can be set in the configuration file).
games/digger-20020314 (Score: 0.08095036)
FreeBSD graphics console (VGL) version of the famous Digger game
FreeBSD graphics console (VGL) version of the famous Digger game. HISTORY ------- Digger was originally created by Windmill software in 1983 and released as a copy-protected, bootable 5.25" floppy disk for the IBM PC/XT. As it requires a genuine CGA card, it didn't work on modern PCs. In 1998 a new version was created by Andrew Jenner which runs on all PCs with CGA or better and, whilst retaining all the atmosphere and playability of the original, has many new features. In 2000 it was ported to several Unix-like architectures by Maxim Sobolev. Currently it supports FreeBSD, using either VGL or SDL library, and Linux using SDL library.
mail/muttils-1.3 (Score: 0.08095036)
Python utilities for console mail clients (eg. mutt)
Python utilities for console mail clients like Mutt. sigpager: Offers an interactive selection of signatures. urlpager[*]: Searches for urls, and retrieves url selected by user. Urls include Message-IDs. urlbatcher[*]: Retrieve urls contained in input. pybrowser: Can be used as general browser call. Application to override platform default can be specified via -b option. viewhtmlmsg[*]: Display html message in browser. wrap: Word wrap text input. With support for messages (recognition of quote chars etc.). [*]needs raw message as input to work correctly. In Mutt, set pipe_decode=no in conjunction with pipe-message.
security/knocker-0.7.1 (Score: 0.078376874)
Simple and easy to use TCP only port scanner (Console version)
Knocker is a simple and easy to use TCP (no UDP yet) security port scanner which is able to analyze hosts and all of the different services started on them. (Console version)
java/jrosetta-1.0.4 (Score: 0.07833178)
API for building a graphical console in Swing
JRosetta provides a common base for graphical component that could be used to build a graphical console in Swing with the latest requirements, such as command history, completion and so on for instance for scripting language or command line. This project can be seen as the evolution of the components developed in JyConsole. For now, JRosetta provides only API and graphical components. A Jython implementation for the scripting engine should be available during the first semester 2009. Functionalities * Generic abstract API for script engine * Completion window. * Command history. * Highly customisable, with external XML descriptor file. (Allow to specify the script engine to use, colors, font, shortcut...) Platform compatibility * JRosetta has been developed in pure Java, but relies on a JVM 1.5. * No specific hardware is needed. For further information, please contact us at the following address: contact at artenum.com
net-im/naim- (Score: 0.07833178)
Console ncurses-based AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client
naim is a console client for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), AOL I Seek You (ICQ), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and The lily CMC. It includes unique features like zero-configuration peer to peer encryption, automatic message queueing, and incoming message modification (to correct common spelling mistakes and expand common abbreviations; see /help filter). It also includes powerful dynamic module support, allowing developers to modify all major aspects of naim's behavior. When combined with GNU Screen, naim is great to use as a chat client as well as an answering machine. Individual users can detach, log out, pack up and go home, then log back in from anywhere on the Internet to resume their naim session.
audio/gstreamer-1.8.0 (Score: 0.07828669)
GStreamer emulate gaming console sound processors plugin
audio/squash-1.0 (Score: 0.07828669)
Learning console-based MP3/OGG player
Squash is a C/Ncurses based music player. It supports mp3 and ogg through libraries (and planned flac support). Squash uses statistics to determine songs to play automatically. It garners this information through whether or not a song is skipped. Squash also avoids picking the same song twice. Thus Squash is like a radio station that plays the songs you like -- and you don't even have to call in requests!