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textproc/beediff-1.9 (Score: 0.068937615)
Qt 4 based diff frontend
BeeDiff is a graphical file comparator. User have a possibility to compare and merge a two text files. All differences are highlighted in colors.
textproc/bg-aspell-4.1.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
Aspell Bulgarian dictionary
Aspell Bulgarian dictionary.
textproc/hyphen-4.3 (Score: 0.068937615)
Bulgarian hyphenation rules
Bulgarian hyphenation rules
textproc/mythes-4.3 (Score: 0.068937615)
Bulgarian thesaurus
Bulgarian thesaurus
textproc/earmark-1.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
Markdown parser for Elixir
Markdown parser for Elixir.
textproc/bibutils-5.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
Program set interconverts between various bibliography formats
The bibutils program set interconverts between various bibliography formats using a common MODS-format XML intermediate. For example, one can convert RIS-format files to Bibtex by doing two transformations: RIS->MODS->Bibtex. By using a common intermediate for N formats, only 2N programs are required and not N^2-N. These programs operate on the command line and are styled after standard UNIX-like filters.
textproc/bn-aspell- (Score: 0.068937615)
Aspell Bengali dictionary
Aspell Bengali dictionary.
textproc/bomstrip-9 (Score: 0.068937615)
Strip Byte-Order Marks (BOM) from UTF-8 text
Bomstrip is a very simple tool that removes BOM's (byte-order-marks) from utf-8 files. Actually, it is a set of tools that all do the same thing, but - for added entertainment value - in multiple programming languages (python, c, java, brainfuck, ook!, perl, sed, postscript, pascal, unlambda, limbo, haskell, ocaml, php, ruby). You want to always have this tool within hand-reach, no matter where you are and which compilers/interpreters you keep close to you. Each tool reads from stdin and writes to stdout. It accepts no options or arguments. It never writes into files directly. All files are public domain. It exists for the purpose of noting how stupid BOM's in utf-8 files are. Oh, in case you didn't know yet: utf-8 does not have byte-ordering issues, so there is absolutely no need to have three bytes (the utf-8-BOM) that do not say anything about the byte-order (since there is nothing to say).
textproc/funnel-0.4.1 (Score: 0.068937615)
Streaming Elixir API built upon ElasticSearch's percolation
Streaming Elixir API built upon ElasticSearch's percolation.
textproc/sweet_xml-0.3.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
Wrapper around xmerl application for Elixir
SweetXml is a thin wrapper around :xmerl. It allows you to converts a string or xmlElement record as defined in :xmerl to an elixir value such as map, list, char_list, or any combination of these.