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textproc/head-2015.12.16 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch Head Plugin
Head is a web front end for browsing and interacting with an ElasticSearch cluster.
textproc/stringr-1.1.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
Make it easier to work with strings
stringr is a set of simple wrappers that make R's string functions more consistent, simpler and easier to use. It does this by ensuring that: function and argument names (and positions) are consistent, all functions deal with NA's and zero length character appropriately, and the output data structures from each function matches the input data structures of other functions.
textproc/bar-1.4 (Score: 0.068937615)
Cat with ASCII progress bar
This is a small shell script intended to be used in portable Unix install scripts for showing progress bars. The overall goal is to write a minimally complex shell script (thus a program that needs no compilation) that is as robust as possible to work on as many Bourne shells and operating systems as possible, and that implements 'cat' with an ASCII progress bar and some other nifty features. This is pure Bourne shell code. (For sh, ash, ksh, zsh, bash, ...) The script is mainly indented to be used in portable install scripts, where you can use the body of the script.
textproc/aiksaurus-1.2.1 (Score: 0.068937615)
Set of libraries and applications which provide a thesaurus
Aiksaurus is a set of libraries and applications which provide a thesaurus (currently English only, based on Guttenburg's Moby thesaurus) using native GUI on several platforms: UNIX (GTK+ & Qt), Win32 & MacOSX (Cocoa). The core library itself is platform-independent. The principal language is C++, with some use of Cocoa/ObjC++; wrappers are provided for C and Cocoa/ObjC. Aiksausus plugins exist for AbiWord on UNIX and Win32; the library is also used by Lyx; and the new Cocoa port provides a MacOSX NSService hook so that Safari and other such applications can use this thesaurus without Aiksaurus-specific development.
textproc/am-aspell-0.03.1 (Score: 0.068937615)
Aspell Amharic dictionary
Aspell Amharic dictionary.
textproc/hq-1.0.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch HQ Plugin
From monitoring individual cluster nodes, to viewing real-time threads, ElasticHQ enables up-to-the-second insight in to ElasticSearch cluster runtime metrics and configurations, using the ElasticSearch REST API.
textproc/marvel-1.3.1 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch Marvel Monitoring Plugin
Marvel is an Elasticsearch management tool. This tool is free for development use but requires a license to be used in production.
textproc/migration-1.18 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch Migration Plugin
This plugin will help you to check whether you can upgrade directly to Elasticsearch version 2.x, or whether you need to make changes to your data before doing so. It will run on Elasticsearch versions 0.90.x to 1.x.
textproc/sql-1.4.9 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch SQL plugin
Query ElasticSearch using familiar SQL syntax. You can also use ES functions in SQL.
textproc/rabbitmq-2.6.0 (Score: 0.068937615)
ElasticSearch RabbitMQ River
The RabbitMQ River plugin allows index bulk format messages into ElasticSearch. RabbitMQ River allows to automatically index a RabbitMQ queue.