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textproc/gdome2-0.8.1 (Score: 0.068937615)
Gnome DOM Engine
gdome2 is the DOM C library developed for the GNOME project.
textproc/gladtex-1.3 (Score: 0.068937615)
Program to replace LaTeX formulas in HTML files with images
Gladtex reads a 'htex' file (html with LaTeX maths embedded in <EQ></EQ>) and produces html with equations substituted by images.
textproc/ctpl-0.3.4 (Score: 0.068937615)
C Template (Parser) Library
CTPL is a template engine library. It allows fast and easy parsing of templates and fine control over template parsing environment.
textproc/gmetadom-0.2.6 (Score: 0.068937615)
Collection of DOM Implementations
GMetaDOM is a collection of librares, each library providing a DOM implementation. Currently available bindings are for C++ (smart pointers) and Objective Caml. The basic idea is that, given the availability of DOM implementations for the C programming language (like Gdome2), and given the uniformity of the DOM interfaces, bindings for various programming languages based on the C implementation can be built automatically, providing a small number of hand- coded classes and a set of scripts for the automatic generation of the remaining ones. The advantages of such approach should be evident. In particular, for languages like C++ where a number of different alternative DOM implementations are feasible, each with different characteristics like easiness of use, runtime flexibility, resource requirements, the approach of automatic generation permits to create a set of coherent implementations addressing such issues separately, ultimately allowing the developer to choose the library which fits best her needs.
textproc/cy-aspell-0.50.3 (Score: 0.068937615)
Aspell Welsh dictionary
Aspell Welsh dictionary.
textproc/da-aspell- (Score: 0.068937615)
Aspell Danish dictionary
Aspell Danish dictionary.
textproc/hyphen-2007.09.30 (Score: 0.068937615)
Danish hyphenation rules
Danish hyphenation rules
textproc/dadadodo-1.04 (Score: 0.068937615)
Text processor which analyses text and generates random sentences
Dadadodo analyses text files and generates markov chains of word frequencies; it can then generate random sentences based on that data.
textproc/gnome-doc-utils-0.20.10 (Score: 0.068937615)
GNOME doc utils
The GNOME Doc Utils is a collection of documentation utilities for the GNOME project. Notably, it contains utilities for building documentation and all auxiliary files in the source tree, and it contains the DocBook XSLT stylesheets that were once distributed with Yelp. Starting with GNOME 2.8, Yelp require GNOME Doc Utils for the XSLT.
textproc/gnome-spell-1.0.8 (Score: 0.068937615)
GNOME/Bonobo component for spell checking
Gnome Spell is GNOME/Bonobo component for spell-checking.