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java/netty-3.9.2 (Score: 0.26940656)
Java NIO client server framework
The Netty is an effort to provide an asynchronous event-driven network application framework and tools for rapid development of maintainable high performance & high scalability protocol servers & clients.
java/commons-lang-2.6 (Score: 0.2668514)
Jakarta library with helper utilities for the java.lang API
The standard Java libraries fail to provide enough methods for manipulation of its core classes. The Lang Component provides these extra methods. The Lang Component provides a host of helper utilities for the java.lang API, notably String manipulation methods, basic numerical methods, object reflection, creation and serialization, and System properties. Additionally it contains an inheritable enum type, an exception structure that supports multiple types of nested-Exceptions and a series of utlities dedicated to help with building methods, such as hashCode, toString and equals.
java/jgraphx- (Score: 0.2668514)
The Java Graph Diagram Component version X (jgraph v6+)
JGraph is the most powerful, lightweight, feature-rich, and thoroughly documented open-source graph component available for Java. It is accompanied by JGraphpad, the first free diagram editor for Java that offers XML, Drag and Drop and much more! With the JGraph zoomable component, you can display objects and relations (networks) in any Swing UI. JGraph can also be used on the server-side, for example to read a GXL graph, apply a custom layout algorithm, and return the result as a HTML image map.
java/sigar-1.7.3 (Score: 0.2668514)
Java bindings for the Sigar system information API
The Sigar API provides a portable interface for gathering system information such as: * System memory, swap, cpu, load average, uptime, loginsi * Per-process memory, cpu, credential info, state, arguments, environment, open files * File system detection and metrics * Network interface detection, configuration info and metrics * TCP and UDP connection tables * Network route table This information is available in most operating systems, but each OS has their own way(s) providing it. SIGAR provides developers with one API to access this information regardless of the underlying platform. The core API is implemented in pure C with bindings currently implemented for Java, Perl, Ruby, Python, Erlang, PHP and C#. This port provides the Java bindings.
java/junit-4.12 (Score: 0.2658924)
Regression testing utility for use with the Java(TM) Language
This is a port of JUnit, a simple testing framework for Java developed by Erich Gamma and Kent Beck. Using JUnit you can build a test suite that will help you measure your progress, spot unintended side effects, and focus your development efforts.
java/jtiger-2.1.0376 (Score: 0.2658924)
Unit Test Framework and Tools for the Java2 Platform
JTiger is a unit test framework and tools for the Java 2 Platform. The framework provides a useful abstraction on which to write unit test fixtures and unit test cases. JTiger tools provide functionality that is often desired in software unit testing environments. JTiger development encourages Test Driven Development, though it doesn't mandate it, and any unit testing software development technique is sufficient.
java/mx4j-3.0.2 (Score: 0.26194)
Open Source implementation of the Java Management Extensions (JMX)
MX4J is a project to build an Open Source implementation of the Java(TM) Management Extensions (JMX) and of the JMX Remote API (JSR 160) specifications, and to build tools relating to JMX. JMX is an optional package for J2SE that provides a standard way to manage applications. It can also be used to wrap legacy systems and provide a standard interface to the outside world, enabling the development of web services. JMX allows developers to write more modular and loosely coupled system components and reduce the complexity of large, interoperating systems.
java/jgrapht-0.7.3 (Score: 0.25996384)
Java package for mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms
JGraphT is a free Java graph library that provides mathematical graph-theory objects and algorithms. JGraphT supports various types of graphs including: * directed and undirected graphs. * graphs with weighted / unweighted / labeled or any user-defined edges. * various edge multiplicity options, including: simple-graphs, multigraphs, pseudographs. * unmodifiable graphs - allow modules to provide "read-only" access to internal graphs. * listenable graphs - allow external listeners to track modification events. * subgraphs graphs that are auto-updating subgraph views on other graphs. * all compositions of above graphs. Although powerful, JGraphT is designed to be simple. For example, graph vertices can be of any objects. You can create graphs based on: Strings, URLs, XML documents, etc; you can even create graphs of graphs!
java/jikes-1.22 (Score: 0.25996384)
Java source to byte-code compiler made available by IBM
This is jikes, a java source to byte-code compiler. The compiler has been made available by IBM under their open-source license, please see: for details. To operate, the CLASSPATH environment variable must typically be set to a colon-delimited list of source directories, class directories, or zip files. Note that jikes will complain if a non-existant directory or file is specified in CLASSPATH. =============== // This software is subject to the terms of the IBM Jikes Compiler Open" // Source License Agreement available at the following URL:" // http://www.ibm.com/research/jikes." // Copyright (C) 1996, 1998, International Business Machines Corporation" // and others. All Rights Reserved." // You must accept the terms of that agreement to use this software."
java/commons-cli-1.3.1 (Score: 0.25008294)
Java library for command line arguments and options
The Jakarta Commons CLI library provides a simple and easy to use API for working with the command line arguments and options.