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java/commons-logging-1.2 (Score: 0.2017739)
Generic logging wrapper library
Jakarta Commons Logging library. There is a great need for debugging and logging information inside of Commons components such as HTTPClient and DBCP. However, there are many logging APIs out there and it is difficult to choose among them. The Logging package is an ultra-thin bridge between different logging libraries. Commons components may use the Logging API to remove compile-time and run-time dependencies on any particular logging package, and contributors may write Log implementations for the library of their choice.
java/commons-pool-1.6 (Score: 0.2017739)
Jakarta Object-pooling API
The Pool Component Pool provides an Object-pooling API, with three major aspects: 1. A generic object pool interface that clients and implementors can use to provide easily interchangable pooling implementations. 2. A toolkit for creating modular object pools. 3. Several general purpose pool implementations.
java/intellij-pty4j-0.5 (Score: 0.2017739)
FreeBSD-compatible replacement for IntelliJ's bundled Pty4J
FreeBSD-compatible replacement for IntelliJ's bundled Pty4J
java/avis-1.2.0 (Score: 0.2017739)
Elvin Publish/Subscribe Message Bus server based on the Elvin protocol
Avis is a multicast event bus server. Providing the ability to publish and subscribe to events. The protocol is compatible with the commercial Elvin implmentation developed by Mantara Software.
java/dbvis-9.2.14 (Score: 0.2017739)
DbVisualizer database tool
DbVisualizer is a feature rich, intuitive and cross platform database tool for developers and DBA's providing a single powerful interface for a variety of databases. DbVisualizer supports simultaneous database connections, it lets you explore and manage database objects, execute SQL queries, visualize information and a lot more.
java/EPIC-0.6.35 (Score: 0.2017739)
EPIC adds Perl support to the Eclipse IDE Framework
EPIC is an opensource Perl IDE for the Eclipse platform. Features supported are syntax highlighting, on the fly syntax check, content assist, perldoc support, source formatter, templating support and a Perl debugger. A regular expression plugin and support for the eSpell spellchecker are also available.
java/jcommon-1.0.23 (Score: 0.2017739)
Collection of useful classes used by JFreeChart and JFreeReport
JCommon is a collection of useful classes used by JFreeChart, JFreeReport and other projects. The library includes: * user interface classes for displaying information about applications * custom layout managers * a date chooser panel * serialization utilities * XML parser support classes
java/cdt-6.0.2 (Score: 0.2017739)
C/C++ plugin for Eclipse IDE
The CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) Project is working towards providing a fully functional C and C++ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform.
java/drjava-0.9.8 (Score: 0.2017739)
DrJava plugin for Eclipse
This plug-in for IBM's Eclipse platform integrates features from the DrJava development environment. The plug-in provides an Interactions Pane and a simplified user interface to Eclipse.
java/jboss-7.1.1 (Score: 0.2017739)
JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final Brontes
JBoss Application Server 7