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converters/Cstools-3.42 (Score: 0.036660045)
Tools for dealing with Czech encodings in Perl
Tools for converting encoding of Czech (and Slovak) texts. Provides console program cstocs and Perl module Cz::Cstocs.
graphics/ppminfo-0.1 (Score: 0.036660045)
Shows details of a ppm file
ppminfo shows details of an ppm-file on the console. It seems this is the only utility missing from netpbm.
www/apercu-1.0.2 (Score: 0.036660045)
Summarize information from Apache logs
A command-line (console) application to summarize information from Apache logs, including hit counts, requests, referrers, and user activity.
devel/cmdargs-0.10.13 (Score: 0.031422894)
Command-line argument processing
This library provides an easy way to define command line parsers. Most users will want to use the "System.Console.CmdArgs.Implicit" module, whose documentation contains an example. * System.Console.CmdArgs.Explicit provides a way to write command line parsers for both single mode programs (most programs) and multiple mode programs (e.g. darcs or cabal). Parsers are defined by constructing a data structure. * System.Console.CmdArgs.Implicit provides a way to concisely define command line parsers, up to three times shorter than getopt. These parsers are translated into the Explicit data type. * System.Console.CmdArgs.GetOpt provides a wrapper allowing compatiblity with existing getopt parsers, mapping to the Explicit data type.
devel/termstyle-0.1.10 (Score: 0.031422894)
Dirt-simple terminal-colour library for python
Termstyle is a simple python library for adding coloured output to terminal (console) programs. The definitions come from ECMA-048, the "Control Functions for Coded Character Sets" standard.
devel/table_print-1.5.6 (Score: 0.031422894)
Turn objects into formatted columns
TablePrint turns objects into nicely formatted columns for easy reading. Works great in rails console, works on pure ruby objects, autodetects columns and lets you traverse ActiveRecord associations.
editors/diakonos-0.9.4 (Score: 0.031422894)
Linux editor for the masses
Diakonos, the console text editor with a key mapping you practically already know. Easy to use and easy to configure, but potent in the hands of power users.
multimedia/podcastdl-0.3.3 (Score: 0.031422894)
Simple command line podcast client written in plain C
Podcastdl is a simple podcast download application written in plain C and designed to work in the console or from the crontab.
security/clusterssh-4.06 (Score: 0.031422894)
Controls multiple hosts simultaneously via xterms and ssh
ClusterSSH controls a number of xterm windows via a single graphical console window to allow commands to be interactively run on multiple servers over an ssh connection.
sysutils/fconfig-20080329 (Score: 0.031422894)
Read and modify RedBoot embedded boot configuration
fconfig is an application that allows to read and write RedBoot's configuration parameters. Examples, fconfig -l fconfig -w -n console_baud_rate -x 115200