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www/estimator-0.1.1 (Score: 2.52076)
Produce detailed range-based estimations for Trac tickets
This Trac plugin implements a page for creating time estimates. The estimates will be attached to whatever tickets are specified in the tickets box.
www/fivestarvote-0.1 (Score: 2.52076)
Five star plugin for voting on Trac resources
This plugin is a modified version of the VotePlugin (www/trac-vote). Instead of having up and down arrows, this plugin uses a 5-star approach to rate resources.
www/fullblog-0.1.1 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin that provides a project Blog
This plugin provides a project Blog, but unlike TracBlogPlugin and SimpleBlogPlugin it does not use Wiki pages to store the content. It has no dependencies on other plugins.
www/fullblognotification-0.2.1 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin that provides a project Blog
This plugin uses the blog change interface in FullBlogPlugin to send out email notifications for: * new posts * updated posts * comment added * deleted posts Email notifications are sent to the user who made the change. Notifications can also be sent to other users or a distribution list by specifying the smtp_always_cc option. The emails are sent in plain text using a template that was modeled after Trac's ticket_notify_email template. If you are using the AnnouncerPlugin, you should use its FullBlogPlugin rather than the FullBlogNotificationPlugin.
www/graphviz-0.7.4 (Score: 2.52076)
Graphviz plugin for Trac's wiki
The GraphvizPlugin allows for the inline creation of diagrams for abstract graphs and networks using the Graphviz programs.
www/iniadmin-0.2.3915 (Score: 2.52076)
Edit all trac.ini option via the WebAdminPlugin
Edit all trac.ini options via the WebAdminPlugin
www/keywords-0.2 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin for using pre-configured keywords
This plug-in allows you to add entries to the Keywords entry field from a configured list of keywords by clicking on them.
www/ldap- (Score: 2.52076)
Trac plugin to use LDAP to store permissions
LDAP extensions to grant group permissions This extension enables the use of existing LDAP groups to grant permissions rather than defining permissions for every single user on the system. Also permits storage of permissions (both users and groups permissions) in the LDAP directory itself rather than in the database backend.
www/ldapauthstore- (Score: 2.52076)
Trac AccountManager plugin using LDAP authentication store
This plugin is a password store for the AccountManagerPlugin that provides authentication and group membership from an LDAP service. Users are authenticated by performing an LDAP bind against a directory using their credentials. The plugin will also pull the email address and username from the directory and populate the session_attribute table.
www/math-0.1 (Score: 2.52076)
Support for LaTeX math formulas in wiki pages
Allow embedded equations in wiki pages. Basically a port of mt-math to trac.