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mail/spamreport-3.14.0 (Score: 2.491415)
Spam report plugin for Claws Mail
This plugin reports spam to various places.
devel/akismet-2.0.0 (Score: 2.0761793)
Ruby client for the Akismet API
A Ruby client for the Akismet spam detection API
mail/qsf-1.2.7 (Score: 1.8569912)
Small fast spam filter intended to be used with procmail
Quick Spam Filter (qsf) is a small, fast spam filter that works by learning to recognise the words that are more likely to appear in spam than non-spam. It is intended to be used in a procmail recipe to mark email as being possible spam.
mail/spamprobe-1.4d (Score: 1.7980239)
Spam detector using Bayesian analysis of word counts
SpamProbe Fast, intelligent, automatic spam detector using Bayesian analysis of word counts in spam and non-spam email. Intended for use with procmail to filter inbound email. No manual rule creation required.
mail/dovecot-antispam-1.3 (Score: 1.7616966)
Dovecot plugin to train dspam about spam or false positives
The dovecot antispam plugin watches a defined spam folder (defaults to "SPAM"). Instead of moving mail into special folders or forwarding them to special mail addresses for retraining, the plugin offers two actions for the user: 1. moving mail out of the SPAM folder and 2. moving mail into the SPAM folder. The dovecot plugin watches these actions (and additionally prohibits APPENDs to the SPAM folder, more for technical reasons than others) and tells the spam classifier that it made an error and needs to re-clas- sify the message (as spam/not spam depending on which way it was moved.)
mail/dspam-3.10.2 (Score: 1.6609434)
Bayesian spam filter
DSPAM (as in De-Spam) is an open-source project to create a new kind of anti-spam mechanism, and is currently effective as both a server-side agent for UNIX email servers and a developer's library for mail clients, other anti-spam tools, and similar projects requiring drop-in spam filtering.
mail/Sendmail-AccessDB-1.04 (Score: 1.6609434)
Perl5 interface to the Sendmail access.db list
This module is designed so that users of the Sendmail::Milter module (or other Sendmail programmers) can ascertain if a user has elected to whitelist themselves as a "spam friend" (where there should be no spam filtering on mail to them) or, where spam-filtering is not the default, but an option, where certain receipients have been labeled as "spam haters".
www/TracSpamFilter-0.2.1 (Score: 1.6609434)
Allow different ways to reject contributions that contain spam
A plugin is being developed that will allow different ways to reject contributions that contain spam.
mail/spambnc-20060416 (Score: 1.6479161)
Set of procmail recipes which handle known/suspected spam
The Spam Bouncer is a set of procmail recipes, or instructions, which search the headers and text of your incoming email to see if it meets one or more of several categories (known addresses, rogue ISPs, bulk mail software etc etc). The Spam Bouncer sorts suspected spam into two categories -- mail from known spam sources which is definitely spam, and other mail which is probably spam, but might also be legitimate. It then tags this email with appropriate headers giving the spam classification, and responds according to the parameters you have set.
mail/markasjunk2-1.9 (Score: 1.6248673)
Roundcube mark-as-junk / mark-as-not-junk plugin
This plugin adds "mark as spam" or "mark as not spam" button to the message menu. When not in the Junk mailbox, messages are moved into the Junk mailbox and marked as read. When in the Junk mailbox, the buttons are changed to "mark as not spam" or "this message is not spam" and the message is moved to the Inbox. The learning driver allows you to perform additional processing on each message marked as spam/ham.
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