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mail/qsf-1.2.7 (Score: 2.144862)
Small fast spam filter intended to be used with procmail
Quick Spam Filter (qsf) is a small, fast spam filter that works by learning to recognise the words that are more likely to appear in spam than non-spam. It is intended to be used in a procmail recipe to mark email as being possible spam.
mail/jmba-0.5.5 (Score: 1.9701815)
Junk Mail Buffering Agent
Junk Mail Buffering Agent is a tool for preventing delivery of email until the sender has confirmed their address. It can be used in conjunction with a spam filter to prevent delivery of spammy-looking email unless the sender is confirmed as valid. jmba is designed to be used in conjunction with a spam filter such as QSF and the mail processor procmail. When the spam filter says it thinks an email is spam, it can be passed to jmba. jmba will queue it and send an email to the sender containing a key; if the sender replies, the original email is "unfrozen" from the queue and delivered.
mail/rspamd-1.4.0.a1.01092016 (Score: 1.895808)
Fast spam filtering system dev version
Rspamd is fast, modular and lightweight spam filter. It is designed to work with big ammount of mail and can be easily extended with own filters written in lua. This port provides development version of rspamd.
mail/rspamd-1.3.5 (Score: 1.895808)
Fast spam filtering system
Rspamd is fast, modular and lightweight spam filter. It is designed to work with big ammount of mail and can be easily extended with own filters written in lua.
mail/spamass-milter-0.4.0 (Score: 1.895808)
Sendmail Milter (mail filter) plugin for SpamAssassin
spamass-milter is a plugin for the Sendmail Milter (Mail Filter) library that pipes all incoming mail (including things received by rmail/UUCP) through the SpamAssassin, a highly customizable spam filter.
mail/bayespam-0.9.2 (Score: 1.6086464)
Qmail spam filter written in Perl using Bayesian classification
Bayespam is a qmail spam filter written in Perl, using Bayesian classification to filter out unsolicited commercial email. It is written with ease of installation and use in mind, and it is encouraged that you give it a try. Bayespam actually learns as you give it more spam to process, so it should become better and better the longer you use it. Bayespam is based on a paper written by Paul Graham called A Plan for Spam. In this paper, Mr. Graham talked about a spam filter he is working on that used Bayesian classification to determine if a particular piece of email is spam or not.
mail/spambayes-1.1b2 (Score: 1.5166464)
Bayesian anti-spam filter written in Python
SpamBayes is a tool used to segregate unwanted mail (spam) from the mail you want (ham). Before SpamBayes can be your spam filter of choice you need to train it on representative samples of email you receive. After it's been trained, you use SpamBayes to classify new mail according to its spamminess and hamminess qualities.
mail/iXhash-1.5.5 (Score: 1.5166464)
Plugin for SpamAssassin supporting iXhash
iXhash is a plugin for the popular spam filter SpamAssassin. It computes MD5 checksums of fragments of the body of an e-mail and compares them to those of know spam. As such it works similar to the now standard plugins that use the Pyzor, Razor and DCC software packages from within SpamAssassin.
mail/bsfilter-1.0.19 (Score: 1.3270656)
Bayesian spam filter written in Ruby
bsfilter is a spam filter using Bayesian(statistical) algorithm. - a filter which distinguishes spam and non-spam mail - support mails written in English and Japanese language - written in Ruby - support 3 methods for access -- traditional Unix-style filter. study and judge local files or pipe -- IMAP. study and judge mails in an IMAP server. IMAP over SSL supported -- POP proxy. run between POP server and MUA. POP over SSL supported - distributed under GPL
mail/greylite-2.3 (Score: 1.3270656)
Modified greylisting for qmail and for any other MDA
Greylite is a SPAM filter with exceptional effectiveness and without false positives. It combines natively with qmail and works as a proxy for any SMTP server. It implements a modified greylisting algorithm that improves the filtering effectiveness and minimizes the delay drawbacks associated with the standard greylisting algorithm. It can be tuned to recognize suspicious clients and reject their attempts multiple times, reaching filtering rates of over 99% without false positives. Greylite is easy to setup and maintain, and it is small and fast.
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