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net-im/naim- (Score: 2.0265703)
Console ncurses-based AIM, ICQ, IRC, and Lily client
naim is a console client for AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), AOL I Seek You (ICQ), Internet Relay Chat (IRC), and The lily CMC. It includes unique features like zero-configuration peer to peer encryption, automatic message queueing, and incoming message modification (to correct common spelling mistakes and expand common abbreviations; see /help filter). It also includes powerful dynamic module support, allowing developers to modify all major aspects of naim's behavior. When combined with GNU Screen, naim is great to use as a chat client as well as an answering machine. Individual users can detach, log out, pack up and go home, then log back in from anywhere on the Internet to resume their naim session.
net-im/oysttyer-2.7.2 (Score: 2.0265703)
Interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client
An interactive console text-based command-line Twitter client written in Perl
net/boinc_curses-0.2.2 (Score: 2.0265703)
Console, ncurses based monitor and manager for BOINC
Console based boinc-client monitor and controller. Features - Colorful console application using ncurses - Single screen listing of results, transfers and recent messages - Updated real time - Control the client with single keypress - Using same communication protocol as boinc_gui - Works with all boinc projects
net/nload-0.7.4 (Score: 2.0265703)
Console application which monitors network traffic in real time
nload is a console application which monitors network traffic and bandwidth usage in real time. It visualizes the in- and outgoing traffic using two graphs and provides additionally info like total amount of transfered data and min/max network usage.
ports-mgmt/dialog4ports-0.1.6 (Score: 2.0265703)
Console Interface to configure ports (static version for chroots)
dialog4ports -- a dialog for FreeBSD ports. This is a static version that can be used in chroots, for example in Tinderbox.
security/pwman-0.4.4 (Score: 2.0265703)
Console password management application based on gpg(me)
PWman is a console application for managing passwords. It uses GPG (gpgme) for encryption and authentication.
sysutils/rundeck-2.3.2 (Score: 2.0265703)
Web-console for dispatching commands and scripts to your nodes
Welcome to Rundeck, the human interface to your operations. Rundeck features fine-grain access controls, a built-in job scheduler, and the ability to define workflows that dispatch commands and scripts to your nodes.
sysutils/whatpix-1.2 (Score: 2.0265703)
Perl console application which finds, moves, or deletes duplicate files
whatpix is a GPL Perl console application which finds and optionally moves or deletes duplicate files. whatpix was originally written by codex@bogus.net. The original web site for whatpix is http://www.bogus.net/~codex/ You can find versions prior to 1.0 there. whatpix is currently being developed and maintained by 3Jane Tessier-Ashpool and Gerard Lanois.
audio/moc-2.5.0 (Score: 1.6212564)
Console audio player designed to be powerful and easy to use
MOC (music on console) is a console audio player designed to be powerful and easy to use. MOC plays smoothly, regardless of system or I/O load, because it handles the output buffer in a separate thread. It does not cause gaps between files, because the next file to be played is pre-cached while playing the current file. Supported file formats are: MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack (mpc), Speex, WAVE, AIFF, AU, SVX, Sphere Nist WAV, IRCAM SF, Creative VOC, AAC, MP4, Real, WMA.
devel/Curses-Forms-1.997 (Score: 1.6212564)
Provide high level APIs for rapid UI design on the console
Curses::Forms is designed to provide high level APIs for rapid user interface design on the console in Perl. Based on Curses::Widgets, Curses::Forms provide a flexible OO framework to manage a collection of widgets on forms and dialogs. While intended to be used in the Curses::Application framework, it can also be used alone with Curses::Widgets for quick and dirty interfaces.
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