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sysutils/open-1.4 (Score: 0.020948596)
Open opens a new vt and runs a command on it
Open opens a new vt and runs a command on it. It can be used as a simple way to start several console logins without having to type your passwd on each VT in turn. open can be used as a simpler to use replacement for the doshell(8) command. open is similar in functionality to the AIX/RS6000 command of the same name.
sysutils/rtty-4.0 (Score: 0.020948596)
Multiuser "tip"/"cu" replacement with logging
Rtty is "remote tty" (not radioteletype). You run a server per port and then connect to that server from any number of "tip"/"cu"-like clients. I wrote it for our console concentrator, but there's no reason other than performance why you couldn't use it to drive modems, printers, prom programmers, and so on.
sysutils/snowlog-1.1.1 (Score: 0.020948596)
Webserver access log browser/analyzer
Snowlog is a program that lets you browse your web server's access log files. It does not generate static HTML status reports but instead shows you all accesses in a list that you can filter, sort and search easily. It's a console application and supposed to run on the server via ssh. Filters that accept regular expressions can be applied.
sysutils/uptimed-0.4.0 (Score: 0.020948596)
Uptime daemon
Uptimed is an uptime record daemon keeping track of the highest uptimes a computer system ever had. It uses the system boot time to keep sessions apart from each other. Uptimed comes with a console front-end to parse the records, which can also easily be used to show your records on a web page.
textproc/dictem-1.0.4 (Score: 0.020948596)
DictEm is a dict client for [X]Emacs
DictEm is a dict client for GNU Emacs. It uses a console dict client (http://sf.net/projects/dict) and implements all functions of the client part of DICT protocol (RFC-2229, www.dict.org), i.e. looking up words and definitions, obtaining information about available strategies, provided databases, information about DICT server etc.
textproc/sdcv-0.4.2 (Score: 0.020948596)
Text-based utility for work with dictionaries in StarDict's format
SDCV(StarDict under Console Version) is simple, cross-platform text-based utility for work with dictionaries in StarDict's format. The word from "list of words" may be string with leading '/' for using Fuzzy search algorithm, string may contain '?' and '*' for using regexp search. It work in interactive and not interactive mode.
www/mitmproxy-0.15 (Score: 0.020948596)
SSL-capable man-in-the-middle proxy
'mitmproxy' is an SSL-capable man-in-the-middle HTTP proxy. It provides a console interface that allows traffic flows to be inspected and edited on the fly. 'mitmdump' is the command-line version of mitmproxy, with the same functionality but without the frills. Think tcpdump for HTTP.
www/pylot-1.26 (Score: 0.020948596)
Tool for testing performance and scalability of web services
Pylot is a free open source tool for testing performance and scalability of web services. It runs HTTP load tests, which are useful for capacity planning, benchmarking, analysis, and system tuning. Pylot generates concurrent load (HTTP Requests), verifies server responses, and produces reports with metrics. Tests suites are executed and monitored from a GUI or shell/console.
x11/xautolock-2.2 (Score: 0.020948596)
Activate xlock after a user defined time of inactivity
Xautolock monitors console activity under the X window system, and fires up a program of your choice if nothing happens during a user configurable period of time. You can use this to automatically start up a screen locker in case you tend to forget to do so manually before having a coffee break.
x11/xvt-3.0.1 (Score: 0.020948596)
Xterm replacement, supporting color, transparency, and more, with less
xvt - an xterm replacement, supporting color, transparency, and more, with less! xvt, simply continues on the original authors work -- John Bovey, University of Kent at Canterbury. With few exceptions, it does everything Xterm does. But also does a great deal more, with less overhead. This version will also leverage vt(4), FreeBSD's new console driver. Which replaces syscons(4).