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sysutils/Log-1.13.1 (Score: 0.031422894)
PEAR logging utilities
PEAR Log framework provides an abstracted logging system. It supports logging to console, file, syslog, SQL, Sqlite, mail and mcal targets. It also provides a subject - observer mechanism.
www/htmlwidgets-0.7 (Score: 0.031422894)
HTML Widgets for R
A framework for creating HTML widgets that render in various contexts including the R console, 'R Markdown' documents, and 'Shiny' web applications.
devel/Term-Visual-0.08 (Score: 0.029625788)
Split-terminal user interface
Term::Visual is a "visual" terminal interface for curses applications. It provides the split-screen interface you may have seen in console based IRC and MUD clients. Term::Visual uses the POE networking and multitasking framework to support concurrent input from network sockets and the console, multiple timers, and more.
games/tsito-0.8.4 (Score: 0.029625788)
Chinese chess (Xiangqi) program
Tsito plays XiangQi (Chinese Chess) against the user or it referees two players. It can be used on the console (or an xterm) or can communicate through pipes to a GUI frontend. If used in a console it uses ASCII characters to display the board on the screen. 'tsito', stands for "The Secret Inside The Orange".
www/geeknote-0.2.a (Score: 0.029625788)
Command line client for Evernote
Geeknote is a command line client for Evernote. Features: * Create notes in your Evernote account * Create tags, notebooks * Use Evernote search in console with different filters * Edit notes in console using any editor: nano, vim, emacs, mcedit * Sync your local files, directories with Evernote * Use Evernote with cron or any scripts
x11-fonts/gbdfed-1.6 (Score: 0.029625788)
GTK2 bitmap font editor
gbdfed is a GTK-based BDF font editor. It can import: - Metafont PK/GF fonts - Han Bitmap Font Format (HBF) fonts - Linux console (PSF, CP, and EGA/VGA) fonts - Sun VF fonts, OpenType (OTF & TTF) fonts Alternatively it can load a font from the X server. Export is supported to PSF2 Linux console fonts and HEX fonts.
audio/aumix-2.9.1 (Score: 0.026185745)
Audio mixer for X11, terminal, or command line
A program for adjusting audio mixers from the command line or scripts, or interactively at the console or a terminal with a full-screen, ncurses-based interface and sysmouse(4) support. Can optionally be built with a GTK+-based interface.
audio/flac123-0.0.12 (Score: 0.026185745)
Command-line player for flac audio files
Flac123 is a console-line Free Lossless Audio Codec (flac) audio player. It implements mpg123's 'Remote Control' interface and has the ability to output to a wav file or stdout.
audio/nap-1.5.4 (Score: 0.026185745)
MP3 sharing, search, and chat client for the OpenNAP network
Nap is a console Napster client that supports MP3 sharing, search, and chatting. It now defaults to connecting to the OpenNAP network because the official Napster.com network has client filters.
comms/conserver-8.2.1 (Score: 0.026185745)
Application that allows multiple users to watch serial consoles
Conserver is an application that allows multiple users to watch a serial console at the same time. It can log the data, allows users to take write-access of a console (one at a time), and has a variety of bells and whistles to accentuate that basic functionality. The idea is that conserver will log all your serial traffic so you can go back and review why something crashed, look at changes (if done on the console), or tie the console logs into a monitoring system (just watch the logfiles it creates). With multi-user capabilities you can work on equipment with others, mentor, train, etc. It also does all that client-server stuff so that, assuming you have a network connection, you can interact with any of the equipment from home or wherever.