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net/Net-ARP-1.0.9 (Score: 0.06986542)
Perl extension for creating ARP packets
Net::ARP can be used to create and send ARP packets and to get the mac address of an ethernet interface or IP address.
net/Net-Analysis-0.41 (Score: 0.06986542)
Modules for analysing network traffic
Net::Analysis is a suite of modules that parse tcpdump files, reconstruct TCP sessions from the packets, and provide a very lightweight framework for writing protocol anaylsers.
net/Net-DLookup-1.01 (Score: 0.06986542)
Perform domain lookups on 2-letter and 3-letter TLDs
Net::DLookup performs domain lookups for 2-letter and 3-letter top level domains. It also verifies the validity of domain names by checking punctuation, length, metacharacters, etc..
net/Net-Write-1.05 (Score: 0.06986542)
Interface to open and send raw frames to the network
Net::Write provides a portable interface to open a network interface, and be able to write raw data directly to the network.
net/net-ping-1.7.8 (Score: 0.06986542)
Collection of classes that provide different ways to ping computers
The net-ping library provides a ping interface for Ruby. It includes separate TCP, HTTP, LDAP, ICMP, UDP, WMI (for Windows) and external ping classes.
net/Net-Server-2.008 (Score: 0.069569625)
Configurable base class for writing internet servers in Perl
Net::Server is an extensible, generic Perl server engine. Net::Server combines the good properties from Net::Daemon (0.34), NetServer::Generic (1.03), and Net::FTPServer (1.0), and also from various concepts in the Apache Webserver. Net::Server attempts to be a generic server as in Net::Daemon and NetServer::Generic. It includes with it the ability to run as an inetd process (Net::Server::INET), a single connection server (Net::Server or Net::Server::Single), a forking server (Net::Server::Fork), or as a preforking server (Net::Server::PreFork). In all but the inetd type, the server provides the ability to connect to one or to multiple server ports.
net/Net_Sieve-1.3.4 (Score: 0.06954787)
PEAR class to handle talking to timsieved
Net_Sieve is a PEAR class which handles talking to timsieved. Provides an API to talk to the timsieved server that comes with Cyrus IMAPd. Can be used to install, remove, mark active, etc. SIEVE scripts.
net/Net_Growl-2.7.0 (Score: 0.06953093)
Send notifications to Growl
Growl is a MACOSX application that listen to notifications sent by applications and displays them on the desktop using different display styles. Net_Growl offers the possibility to send notifications to Growl from your PHP application through network communication using UDP.
net/Net_Ident-1.1.0 (Score: 0.06953093)
PEAR identification protocol implementation
The PEAR::Net_Ident implements Identification Protocol according to RFC 1413. The Identification Protocol (a.k.a., "ident", a.k.a., "the Ident Protocol") provides a means to determine the identity of a user of a particular TCP connection. Given a TCP port number pair, it returns a character string which identifies the owner of that connection on the server's system.
net/Net_MAC-0.1.5 (Score: 0.06953093)
PEAR class that validates and formats MAC addresses
This package validates and cleanly formats Media Access Control (MAC) addresses. The Net_MAC class can also import a list of MAC address vendors and store them in a database which the class can then use to identify vendors of any MAC address.