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net/Net_Vpopmaild-0.3.2 (Score: 0.070786774)
PEAR Class for accessing Vpopmail's vpopmaild daemon
Net_Vpopmaild is a pear Class for accessing Vpopmail's vpopmaild daemon. It supports all vpopmaild commands, such as adding/removing domains, users, robots (autoresponders), and ezmlm lists (todo), as well as modifying domain limits, ip maps, etc.
net/Net-Frame-1.16 (Score: 0.07063699)
Base framework for frame crafting
Net::Frame is a fork of Net::Packet. The goal here was to greatly simplify the use of the frame crafting framework. Net::Packet does many things undercover, and it was difficult to document all the thingies. Also, Net::Packet may suffer from unease of use, because frames were assembled using layers stored in L2, L3, L4 and L7 attributes. Net::Frame removes all this, and is splitted in different modules, for those who only want to use part of the framework, and not whole framework. Finally, anyone can create a layer, and put it on his CPAN space, because of the modularity Net::Frame offers. For an example, see Net::Frame::Layer::ICMPv4 on my CPAN space.
net/Net-OAuth-0.28 (Score: 0.07060799)
Implementation of the OAuth protocol
Net::OAuth provides a low-level API for reading and writing OAuth messages. OAuth is an open protocol to allow secure API authentication in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications. In practical terms, OAuth is a mechanism for a Consumer to request protected resources from a Service Provider on behalf of a user. Net::OAuth provides: - classes that encapsulate OAuth messages (requests and responses). - message signing - message serialization and parsing. - 2-legged requests (aka. tokenless requests, aka. consumer requests), see "CONSUMER REQUESTS" Net::OAuth does not provide: - Consumer or Service Provider encapsulation - token/nonce/key storage/management
net/Net-Address-Ethernet-1.124 (Score: 0.070501104)
Find hardware ethernet address
Net::Address::Ethernet - find hardware ethernet address.
net/Net-Rendezvous-Publish-0.04 (Score: 0.070501104)
Publish Rendezvous services
Net::Rendezvous::Publish - publish Rendezvous services
net/Net-NIS-0.44 (Score: 0.0699435)
Interface to Sun's Network Information Service
This is a snapshot release of the NIS interface to Perl 5. There are three parts to the interface: the raw component (Net::NIS), the object-oriented component (Net::NIS::Table), and the tied interface (Net::NIS). Unless someone provides strong reason to support the raw or OO components, they will be marked as deprecated and not documented or enhanced (but still supported for backward compatibility).
net/Net-MovableType-1.74 (Score: 0.0699435)
Lightweight MovableType client Perl module
Using Net::MovableType you can post new entries, edit existing entries, browse entries and users blogs, and perform most of the features you can perform through accessing your MovableType account. Since Net::MovableType uses MT's remote procedure call gateway, you can do it from any computer with Internet connection. Net::MovableType promises an intuitive, user friendly, Object Oriented interface for managing your web sites published through MovableType. Most of the method names correspond to those documented in MovableType's Programming Interface Manual.
net/Net-Packet-3.27 (Score: 0.0699435)
Send and receive frames from layer 2 to layer 7
This module is a unified framework to craft, send and receive packets at layers 2, 3, 4 and 7. Basically, you forge each layer of a frame (Net::Packet::IPv4 for layer 3, Net::Packet::TCP for layer 4 ; for example), and pack all of this into a Net::Packet::Frame object. Then, you can send the frame to the network, and receive it easily, since the response is automatically searched for and matched against the request.
net/Net-RabbitFoot-1.03 (Score: 0.0699435)
Synchronous interface to AnyEvent::RabbitMQ
Net::RabbitFoot is an AMQP(Advanced Message Queuing Protocol) client library, that is intended to allow you to interact with AMQP-compliant message brokers/servers such as RabbitMQ in an asynchronous fashion. You can use Net::RabbitFoot to - * Declare and delete exchanges * Declare, delete, bind and unbind queues * Set QoS * Publish, consume, get, ack, recover and reject messages * Select, commit and rollback transactions Net::RabbitFoot is known to work with RabbitMQ versions 2.4.0 and version 0-8 of the AMQP specification.
net/Net-Wake-0.02 (Score: 0.0699435)
Send Wake On Lan (WOL) packets to power on computers
This package sends wake-on-lan packets to turn on machines that are wake-on-lan capable. For now there is only one function in this package: Net::Wake::by_udp(host, mac_address, [port]); You can power on PCs by perl -e 'use Net::Wake; Net::Wake::by_udp("", "xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx");' You can also specify broadcast address for `host'. It is useful in a intelligent network.