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ResourcePool wrapper for Net::LDAP
This class is used by the ResourcePool internally to create Net::LDAP connections. Its called by the corresponding ResourcePool::Factory::Net::LDAP object which passes the parameters needed to establish the Net::LDAP connection.
net/Net-LDAP-Server-Test-0.21 (Score: 0.098817185)
Perl module to test Net::LDAP code
Perl module to test Net::LDAP code
net/Net-PcapUtils-0.01 (Score: 0.09775056)
Utility routines for Net::Pcap module
Net::PcapUtils is a module to sit in front of Net::Pcap in order to hide some of the pcap(3) initialisation by providing sensible defaults. This enables a programmer to easily write small, specific scripts for a particular purpose without having to worry about too many details.
www/pycarddav-0.7.0 (Score: 0.09667038)
Simple to use CardDAV CLI client
pyCardDAV is a simple to use CardDAV CLI client. It has built in support for mutt's query_command but also works very well solo (and with other MUAs). pyCardDAV consists of pycardsyncer, a program for syncing your CardDAV resource into a local database and of pc_query, a program for querying the local database. Features: * Tested against davical, owncloud and sabredav * Import the sender's address directly from mutt * Add email addresses directly from mutt * Backup and import to and from .vcf files
net/Net-Server-SS-PreFork-0.05 (Score: 0.096305475)
Hot-deployable variant of Net::Server::PreFork
A hot-deployable variant of Net::Server::PreFork.
net/Net-LDAP-LDAPhash-1.0.3 (Score: 0.09617673)
Make a hash out of the return from a search using Net::LDAP::Search
This takes from a search and turns it into a hash. The returned has is in the following format. {DN}{ldap}{attribute}[array of values for this attribute] The reason for the {ldap} is to allow for other values and the like to be tagged onto a hash for a DN that are unrelated to LDAP. This function does not make any attempt to check if the search succedded or not.
net/Net_DIME-1.0.2 (Score: 0.09438351)
The PEAR::Net_DIME class implements DIME encoding
This is the initial independent release of the Net_DIME package. Provides an implementation of DIME as defined at http://www1.ietf.org/mail-archive/ietf-announce-old/Current/msg19298.html
net/Net-Packet-Target-1.01 (Score: 0.093235955)
Target object for all Net-Packet related stuff
Net::Packet::Target - Target object for all Net::Packet related stuff
net/Validate-Net-0.6 (Score: 0.09303121)
Format validation and more for Net:: related strings
Validate::Net is a class designed to assist with validation internet related strings. It can be used to validate CGI forms, internally by modules, and in any place where you want to check that an internet related string is valid before handing it off to a Net::* class. Whenever a test is false, you can access the reason through the reason method.
net/Net-MQTT-1.143260 (Score: 0.0922063)
Net::MQTT - Perl modules for MQTT Protocol (http://mqtt.org/)
Net::MQTT - Perl modules for MQTT Protocol (http://mqtt.org/) Low level API for the MQTT protocol described at http://mqtt.org. IMPORTANT: This is an early release and the API is still subject to change.