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sysutils/rhc-1.32.2 (Score: 2.4318845)
Administration console client for RedHat OpenShift
Command line tools for OpenShift, cloud Platform as a service.
www/newsbeuter-2.9 (Score: 2.4318845)
RSS feed reader for the text console
Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader for the text console.
x11/xconsole-1.0.6 (Score: 2.4318845)
Monitor system console messages with X
This package contains xconsole, a utility for monitoring system console messages with X.
audio/mp3c-0.31 (Score: 2.0265703)
CD to mp3c converter with a console frontend
MP3c is a cd to mp3c converter with a console frontend
audio/cmus-2.7.1 (Score: 2.0265703)
Console-based music player with really cool features
cmus is a small ncurses based music player. It supports various output methods by output-plugins. It has got completely configurable keybindings and it can be controlled from the outside via cmus-remote(1).
devel/newt-0.52.19 (Score: 2.0265703)
Not Eriks Windowing Toolkit: console I/O handling library
Newt is a windowing toolkit for text mode built from the slang library. It allows color text mode applications to easily use stackable windows, push buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, lists, entry fields, labels, and displayable text. Scrollbars are supported, and forms may be nested to provide extra functionality. Besides the newt library, this port provides whiptail, which may be used from shell scripts similarly to Savio Lam's "dialog". Newt provides the textual interface for the Red Hat and Debian boot disks.
devel/Term-Menus-2.99 (Score: 2.0265703)
Create Powerful Terminal, Console, and CMD Environment Menus
Term::Menus allows you to create powerful Terminal, Console and CMD environment menus. Any perl script used in a Terminal, Console or CMD environment can now include a menu facility that includes sub-menus, forward and backward navigation, single or multiple selection capabilities, dynamic item creation and customized banners. All this power is simple to implement with a straight forward and very intuitive configuration hash structure that mirrors the actual menu architecture needed by the application. A separate configuration file is optional. Term::Menus is cross platform compatible.
devel/ConsoleTools-1.6.1 (Score: 2.0265703)
Set of classes to do different actions with the console
A set of classes to do different actions with the console (also called shell). It can render a progress bar, tables and a status bar and contains a class for parsing command line options.
editors/heme-0.4.2 (Score: 2.0265703)
Small and fast console hex editor for Unix-like systems
Heme is intended to be fast and portable console hex editor for Unix-like systems. It has undo support (number of undo operations is only limited by available memory), ability to fill a range of addresses with the specified byte, ability to search for a single byte or character string. Offsets can be given in hexadecimal, octal, or decimal forms. There are two editing modes: hex (binary) and ASCII (text). Heme uses standard curses library for screen and input handling, and offers colors support (they can be set in the configuration file).
editors/wordgrinder-0.6 (Score: 2.0265703)
Simple Unicode-aware console and X11-based word processor
WordGrinder is an ultra-clean and uncluttered word processor that runs in a terminal or an X11 window. The author made WordGrinder to have something to write novels on. It supports just enough character and paragraph style support to let you get the job done, while not enough to let you waste time configuring them.