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net/cnd-0.7 (Score: 3.2425127)
Console network display
cnd or console network display is a curses based real time display of a networks input and output.
graphics/seejpeg-1.10 (Score: 2.8660033)
Console graphics viewer using the svga console graphics library
A console graphics viewer using the svga console graphics library. Seejpeg is another JPEG viewer which utilizes svgalib and contains limited GIF, PPM, BMP and TARGA viewing support.
japanese/kon2-0.3 (Score: 2.8660033)
Kanji On Console -- Display kanji characters on your own console
japanese/kon2-0.3 (Score: 2.8660033)
Kanji On Console -- Display kanji characters on your own console
KON2 is a program for displaying Kanji (japanese characters) on the console of Linux/FreeBSD. KON2 hooks the output of console and redirects to pseudo tty, drawing on the VGA display. If KON2 would be going to something wrong, check shared-memories being loading or not. If not, add "options SYSVSHM" to /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC, and reconfigure the kernel. Be aware that using KON2 with X is not allowed (You should shutdown X first when you use KON2, and vice versa). In order to use 30 lines (default is 25), modify the "Normal" entry of kon.cfg as follows: ------- VGA:Normal VGA 640 680 768 800 480 491 493 525 1 79 29 -------
accessibility/yasr-0.6.9 (Score: 2.8371987)
General-purpose console screen reader
YASR ("Yet Another Screen Reader") is an attempt at a lightweight, portable screen reader. It works by opening a shell in a pty and intercepting all user input/output, maintaining a window of what should be on the screen by looking at the codes and text sent to the screen. It thus uses no Linuxisms such as /dev/vcsa0 and does not necessarily need to be setuid root (the only requirement being that the user be able to access the tts device).
audio/cd-console-2.4 (Score: 2.8371987)
Curses-based console CD player
A curses-based console CD player, with two viewing modes, one suitable for a 7x41 xterm.
audio/mp3blaster-3.2.5 (Score: 2.8371987)
MP3 console ncurses-based player
mp3blaster is an interactive text-based mp3player. One of the unique features of this player is the ability to divide a playlist into groups (albums). Therefore, the play order can be adjusted with great flexibility.
devel/Console_Color-1.0.3 (Score: 2.8371987)
PEAR use ANSI console colors
You can use Console_Color::convert to transform colorcodes like %r into ANSI control codes. print Console_Color::convert("%rHello World!%n"); would print "Hello World" in red, for example.
devel/snackwich-1.3.18 (Score: 2.8371987)
Configuration-based Console UI Framework
Configuration-based Snack/Newt adaptation for easy and attractive console UI forms.
editors/vile-9.8q (Score: 2.8371987)
VI Like Emacs -- console version
vile is a text editor which is extremely compatible with vi in terms of "finger feel". in addition, it has extended capabilities in many areas, notably: multi-file editing and viewing key rebinding (in addition to :map, :map!, and :abbr) mouse support (in an xterm, or when built as xvile) infinite undo many additional operator commands selection highlighting rectangular operations "next error" cursor positioning after compilation full function- and arrow-key support filename, command, internal mode and variable completion auxiliary utilities for man page and C program syntax highlighting built-in macro language portability to all UNIX platforms, VMS, DOS, Win32, OS/2