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chinese/telnet-1.0 (Score: 0.31914842)
8bit compatible telnet client for Chinese input
Description: Using /usr/bin/telnet in "8-bit environment", for example, BIG5- encoding Chinese characters environment in Taiwan, is somewhat in-convenient. To be able to input Chinese characters, "-8 or -L" options are needed, however, using these options cause another problem. Specifying "-8 or -L" makes ^U or ^C or ^D or ... (any isprint(c)) malfunction when telnet to SunOS. How-To-Repeat: /usr/bin/telnet -8 ms1.hinet.net (ms1.hinet.net running Solaris) login: abcde^U (or just press Enter) => the terminal state goes wrong, "reset" is needed to go back to "normal state" Fix: Apply the following patch: gopher://freebsd.csie.nctu.edu.tw/00%2f3%2fA0002063 This make telnet "8-bit clean", being able to input 8-bit data (Chinese characters) without specifying "-8 or -L" options, and telnet to SunOS without trouble. See also:
chinese/muni-1.0 (Score: 0.31858027)
Find Unicode values for Chinese characters
Muni finds the Unicode value of the 7773 Chinese characters listed in Matthews' Chinese-English Dictionary. You enter the character number found in the dictionary, and it will give you the corresponding Unicode mapping, or tell you when no such mapping has been defined. Rather than just entering the number, you can type in a query, for example: % muni : What is Unicode mapping for "Yung", listed in Matthews' Dictionary : as character 7589? - Matthews(7589) = U+6C38 : Thank you. How about 3268, Matthews' number for "Kang"? - Matthews(3268) = U+525B : Thank you, Mr. Computer. : ^D %
chinese/celvis-1.3 (Score: 0.31700453)
Vi/ex clone that speaks Chinese
CElvis is a clone of vi/ex, the standard UNIX editor. CElvis supports nearly all of the vi/ex commands, in both visual mode and colon mode. It also allows displaying and editing of documents using the Chinese GB (simple) and Big-5 (complex) encodings. Celvis is based on Elvis version 1.3 by Steve Kirkendall.
chinese/scim-tables-0.5.10 (Score: 0.31700453)
SCIM table based Chinese input methods
SCIM Chinese table based input methods: Array30, CangJie, Cantonese, Dayi, Erbi, EZ, Jyutping, Simplex, Wubi, Ziranma, ZhuYin Smart Common Input Method platform, in short SCIM, is a development platform to make Input Method developers live easier. It has very clear architecture and very simple programming interface.
chinese/Lingua-Han-PinYin-0.22 (Score: 0.315382)
Retrieve the Mandarin (PinYin) of Chinese character (HanZi)
There is a Chinese document @ http://www.fayland.org/project/Han-PinYin/. It tells why and how I write this module.
chinese/phpbb-2.0.23 (Score: 0.31375748)
The Traditional Chinese version of phpBB
phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customisable open-source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers, phpBB is the ideal free community solution for all web sites. The Traditional Chinese version of offical phpBB is located at http://www.phpbb-tw.net/
chinese/gb2jis-1.5 (Score: 0.3107097)
Convert GuoBiao Hanzi to JIS Kanji
GB2JIS converts GB2312-80 and GB8565-88 characters to JISX0208-1983 and JISX0212-1990 characters. GB2312-80 (^[$A), GB2312-80 + GB8565-88 (^[$(E), and Chinese-EUC (8-bit GuoBiao) are available for Hanzi code.
chinese/gb2ps-2.02 (Score: 0.30856153)
Converts Chinese GB (simple) encoded text to PostScript
GB2PS converts Chinese GB (simple) encoded text to PostScript. It automatically supports the HZ encoding. It even allows you to mix GB and HZ code together. Examples: input: gb2ps -h output: the usage of GB2PS input: gb2ps cm9203d.gb cm output: PS programs cm input: gb2ps -b 3 -e 5 cm9208a.hz cm output: PS program cm from page 3 to page 5. then you can print out the Chinese document by sending the PS output to your PS printer.
chinese/scim-3.1.1 (Score: 0.30398905)
SCIM IMEngine module for fcitx
fcitx stands for Free Chinese Input Toy of X,it's a ollection of Simplified Chinese input methods based on XIM (X Input Method), including WuBi, PinYin, and QuWei. scim-fcitx is an SCIM IMEngine module for fcitx.
chinese/arphicttf-2.11 (Score: 0.30239376)
Four Chinese Big5/GB TrueType fonts made by Arphic Technology
This port installs four Chinese Big5/GB TrueType fonts, includes Kaiti/Mingti(Big5) and Kaiti/Sungti(GB). It then can be used along with X Window System or typesetting software like CJK. Thanks to Arphic Technology, you may freely distribute these high-quality fonts under a GPL-based license. See ARPHIC_*.TXT for details.