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chinese/opencc-1.0.4 (Score: 0.33694845)
Open Chinese Convert library and utilities
Open Chinese Convert (OpenCC) is an open source Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion project, providing high quality thesaurus and libopencc, as well as a conversion utility and a dictionary generator.
chinese/Text-Greeking-zh_TW-1.0 (Score: 0.33527914)
Generate meaningless Chinese text that creates the illusion of the document
This module is for Chinese speakers to generate vary meanless Chinese text.
chinese/cless-290 (Score: 0.33459195)
Better pager utility (and it speaks Chinese)
A paginator similar to "more" or "pg", but much more powerful and speaks Chinese. Cless is a port of GNU's less version 290 that suports the display of files written in the Chinese language using the GB (simple) or Big5 (complex) encodings. You can switch to reading of normal ASCII text by setting the environment LESSCHARSET to 'ascii'. Also, the help can be displayed in either Simple Chinese, Complex Chinese, or English by setting the LESSHELP environmental variable to the correct helpfile. Cless should be run w/in a CXterm or simular terminal emulator supporting Chinese language encodings.
chinese/Encode-HanExtra-0.23 (Score: 0.33319104)
Extra sets of Chinese encodings
Perl 5.7.3 and later ships with an adequate set of Chinese encodings, including the commonly used CP950, CP936 (also known as GBK), Big5 (alias for Big5-Eten), Big5-HKSCS, EUC-CN, HZ, and ISO-IR-165. However, the numbers of Chinese encodings are staggering, and a complete coverage will easily increase the size of perl distribution by several megabytes; hence, this CPAN module tries to provide the rest of them. If you are using perl 5.8 or later, Encode::CN and Encode::TW will automatically load the extra encodings for you, so there's no need to explicitly write use Encode::HanExtra if you are using one of them already.
chinese/auto-cn-l10n-1.1 (Score: 0.33152175)
The automatic localization for Simplified Chinese zh_CN.eucCN locale
Simplified Chinese (GB2312 encoding) zh_CN.eucCN automatic localization Install this port and you will have a Simplified Chinese FreeBSD system
chinese/Lingua-ZH-HanDetect-0.04 (Score: 0.3303966)
Guess Chinese text's variant and encoding
Lingua::ZH::HanDetect uses statistical measures to test a text string to see if it's in Traditional or Simplified Chinese, as well as which encoding it is in. If the string does not contain Chinese characters, both the encoding and variant values will be set to the empty string. This module is needed because the various encodings for Chinese text tend to occupy the similar byte ranges, rendering Encode::Guess ineffective.
chinese/docproj-0.1.20060303 (Score: 0.32999277)
Supportive tools for Chinese docproj build
zh-docproj is a set of utilities that is used to build docproj PDFs. This utility is maintained by the FreeBSD Simplified Chinese Project.
chinese/scim-pinyin-0.5.92 (Score: 0.32349867)
SCIM Chinese Smart Pinyin input method
SCIM Chinese Smart Pinyin input method Smart Common Input Method platform, in short SCIM, is a development platform to make Input Method developers live easier. It has very clear architecture and very simple programming interface.
chinese/wenju-1.6 (Score: 0.32317233)
Collection of writing tools in Chinese
A collection of writing tools (wenju in Chinese pinyin) such as TIM (Table- based Input Method), text file formatter, etc. All the tools are based on Unicode. Default input tables include Wubi and Pinyin, among others. This port also provides "wrap" utility which can be used to wrap input text to specified width. It correctly takes into account punctuation marks when breaking words, and that Latin and Chinese characters have different width.
chinese/autoconvert-0.3.16 (Score: 0.32024956)
Intelligent Chinese encoding converter
If you use procmail, there will be an example at: ${PREFIX}/share/autoconvert/procmailrc.example, which helps you to setup autoconvert as a filter of procmail.