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chinese/cconv-0.6.3 (Score: 0.3510977)
Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion tool
cconv (pronunciation: see-conv) is an iconv-based Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion tool. It is NOT only a transcoding program, but also a TRANSLATE tool between Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. We stand on the shoulders of giants. cconv source code is based on iconv, an excellent program which converts text from one encoding to another. Features: - iconv-like usage. - language-level Simplified-Traditional Chinese conversion. - idioms can be translated.
chinese/Encode-HanConvert-0.35 (Score: 0.34920272)
Traditional and Simplified Chinese mappings
This module is an attempt to solve most common problems occurred in Traditional vs. Simplified Chinese conversion, in an efficient, flexible way, without resorting to external tools or modules. After installing this module, you'll have two additional encoding formats: big5-simp maps Big5 into Unicode's Simplified Chinese (and vice versa), and gbk-trad maps CP936 (better known as GBK) into Unicode's Traditional Chinese and back. The module exports various xxx_to_yyy functions by default, where xxx and yyy are one of big5, gb (i.e. GBK/CP936), simp (simplified Chinese unicode), or trad (traditional Chinese unicode).
chinese/auto-tw-l10n-1.15 (Score: 0.34613252)
Automatic localization for Traditional Chinese locale
Traditional Chinese (BIG-5 encoding) zh_TW.Big5 automatic localization Install this port and you will have a Traditional Chinese FreeBSD system
chinese/dictd-database-1.6 (Score: 0.34460357)
Chinese <-> English dictd words database
A Chinese(Big5) <-> English dictd words database. pydict database have 177751 headwords. moecomp database have 67263 headwords. netterm database have 6477 headwords. cedict database have 26348 headwords.
chinese/FreeWnn-1.1.1.a021 (Score: 0.34341347)
Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method (Chinese client libraries)
FreeWnn is a Japanese/Chinese/Korean input method. This port has only libraries for a Chinese imput method. The libraries containes a archive file (libcwnn.a), header files and files which are used to a client. Note that you must set a environment variable CSERVER or TSERVER if you use a client of Wnn.
chinese/Lingua-ZH-Keywords-0.04 (Score: 0.34298104)
Chinese Keywords Extraction via Lingua::ZH::TaBE
This module extracts keywords from Chinese text, which requires Lingua::ZH::TaBE.
chinese/kcfonts-1.05 (Score: 0.34237513)
Kuo Chauo Chinese Fonts collection
kcfonts is a suit of chinese Ming Fanti fonts for X-window kcfonts' fonts are contributed by Kau Chauo Information CO. to all TANet users running on PC. Thanks Chin-Hao Tsai <c-tsai@uiuc.edu>, who converted it to the style of ETen's fonts. Now you can use kcfonts & crxvt to view Chinese by BIG5 encoding.
chinese/Encode-CNMap-0.32 (Score: 0.3413585)
Enhanced Chinese encodings with Simplified-Traditional auto-mapping
This module implements China-based Chinese charset encodings.
Simplified Chinese Word Segmentation
This is a perl version of simplified Chinese word segmentation. The algorithm for this segmenter is to search the longest word at each point from both left and right directions, and choose the one with higher frequency product. The original program is from the CPAN module Lingua::ZH::WordSegment (http://search.cpan.org/~chenyr/) I did the follwing changes: 1) make the interface object oriented; 2) make the internal string into utf8; 3) using sogou's dictionary (http://www.sogou.com/labs/dl/w.html) as the default dictionary.
chinese/libtabe-0.2.6 (Score: 0.33694845)
Unified library for Chinese text processing
TaBE stands for `Taiwan and Big5 Encoding'. libtabe provides unified interface and library dealing with Chinese words, phrases, sentences, and phonetic symbols. It is intended to be used as the foundation of Chinese text processing.