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chinese/Date-Chinese-1.12 (Score: 0.77622175)
Perl module to calculate dates in the Chinese calendar
Noted that the Chinese new year does not coincide with the Gregorian new year, so the determination of what year it is in the Chinese calendar is only going to be correct for a portion of the Gregorian year. This module is API for calculating dates for Chinese calendar.
Traditional Chinese Calendar Implementation
Traditional Chinese Calendar Implementation
chinese/ibus-table-chinese-1.4.6 (Score: 0.58814925)
Chinese input tables for IBus
Chinese input tables for the Intelligent Input Bus (IBus) input method framework. The IBus-table is an Input Method Engine particularly suited to support Chinese.
chinese/fortune-1.2.2 (Score: 0.5404818)
Classic fortune file in Chinese
This package contains classcial Chinese poems and quotes from other classical Chinese literatures, like novels, fictions and so on.
devel/DateTime-Event-Chinese-1.00 (Score: 0.53512883)
DateTime Extension for Calculating Important Chinese Dates
DateTime Extension for Calculating Important Chinese Dates
chinese/gcin-2.8.2 (Score: 0.43288225)
Traditional Chinese input utility in X
gcin is a Gtk Chinese INput application in X, well support in Traditional Chinese(Big5) charsets.
chinese/Lingua-ZH-Summarize-0.01 (Score: 0.3981791)
Chinese Text Summarization
This module generate summarization from Chinese article.
chinese/Lingua-ZH-Wrap-0.03 (Score: 0.38519084)
Simple Chinese text Wrapper
This module is for wrapping simple Traditional Chinese text.
chinese/chiconv-11.3 (Score: 0.38453814)
Auto chinese encoding converter
Auto chinese encoding converter. It can detect UTF-8/Big5/GBK text and convert them to specified chinese encoding with transliteration.
chinese/Lingua-ZH-Segment-0.02 (Score: 0.38453814)
Chinese Text Segmentation
This module currently only break chinese text into single character (Chinese word), it will not break up any alphabet.
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