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Python Wrappers for the Crypto++ Library
pycryptopp is a set of Python wrappers for a few of the best crypto algorithms from the Crypto++ library.
security/tpmmanager-0.8.1 (Score: 2.52076)
TPM Manager
TPM Manager is an open source TPM management software providing an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
sysutils/dtpstree-1.0.3 (Score: 2.52076)
Display a tree of processes
DT PS Tree shows running processes as a tree. It is a reimplementation of pstree from PSmisc for FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly BSD, and possibly other modern BSD variants. It also works without /proc and will show the full set of processes in a jail even if init is not present.
sysutils/tenshi-0.15 (Score: 2.52076)
Tenshi is a log monitoring program, designed to watch multiple logs
Tenshi is a log monitoring program, designed to watch one or more log files for lines matching user defined regular expressions and report on the matches. The regular expressions are assigned to queues which have an alert interval and a list of mail recipients. Queues can be set to send a notification as soon as there is a log line assigned to it, or to send periodic reports. Additionally, uninteresting fields in the log lines (such as PID numbers) can be masked with the standard regular expression grouping operators ( ). This allows cleaner and more readable reports. All reports are separated by hostname and all messages are condensed when possible.
textproc/Text-Trac-0.18 (Score: 2.52076)
Perl extension for formatting text with Trac Wiki Style
Text::Trac parses text with Trac WikiFormatting and convert it to html format.
textproc/reverend-0.3 (Score: 2.52076)
Simple Bayesian classifier written in Python
Divmod Reverend is a simple, general purpose Bayesian classifier, written in Python. It is designed to be easy to adapt and extend for your application. Stuff you can do with the Reverend: * classify RSS stories * classify recipes by cuisine * who do you write like? Shakespeare, Dickens or Austen * detect the language of a document * is your code more like Guido's or Peter's
www/Net-Trac-0.16 (Score: 2.52076)
Interact with a remote Trac instance
Net::Trac is simple client library for a remote Trac instance. Because Trac doesn't provide a web services API, this module currently "fakes" an RPC interface around Trac's webforms and the feeds it exports. Because of this, it's somewhat more brittle than a true RPC client would be.
www/dtflickr-1.5 (Score: 2.52076)
Spiffy Flickr API library using JSON
DT Flickr is a spiffy automagically built Flickr API library for Python using JSON.
www/accountmanager-0.5.12583 (Score: 2.52076)
Account Manager Plugin for trac
Trac plugin to enable users to register new accounts or manage their existing account.
Advanced Ticket Workflow Plugin for Trac
AdvancedTicketWorkflowPlugin provides a number of advanced operations for customizable workflows that are similar to the operations provided in the customizeable workflow of the core system.