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www/ticketimport-0.7c (Score: 2.52076)
Import or update tickets from a CSV file or Excel file
This plugin lets you import into Trac a series of tickets from a CSV file or (if the xlrd library is installed) from an Excel file. You can also use it to modify tickets in batch, by saving a report as CSV, editing the CSV file, and re-importing the tickets. This plugin is very useful when starting a new project: you can import a list of requirements that may have come from meeting notes, list of features, other ticketing systems... It's also great to review the tickets off-line, or to do massive changes to tickets. Based on the ticket id (or, if no id exists, on the summary) in the imported file, tickets are either created or updated.
www/tickettemplate-0.7 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin for making ticket templates
TicketTemplate enable users to create ticket using templates which can be customized by Trac administrator and themselves.
www/timingandestimation-1.0.8b (Score: 2.52076)
Add estimation and time tracking functionality to Trac
This is a plugin that adds (aspires to add) estimation and time tracking to Trac. This basically adds CustomFields and CustomReports and an interface for filling the dynamic variables for the report (requires Javascript).
www/tocmacro- (Score: 2.52076)
Table of contents macro
The TocMacro generates a table of contents for the current page or a set of pages.
Provides extends attachments list of Trac
This plugin extends attachments list in Trac. Drag-and-drop to attach files using HTML5 drag-and-drop, XMLHttpRequest Level 2 and File API. Progress bar while uploading the files using XMLHttpRequest Level 2. More than one file for selecting attachment files. Attach an image from clipboard. Auto-submit on select a file to attach.
www/tweakui-0.1.7413 (Score: 2.52076)
Easily tweak Trac pages with JavaScript expressions
This plugin implements a Javascript deployment platform, enabling Trac administrators to easily tweak Trac pages with Javascript expressions. The plugin supports the Trac web admin system, and it can apply Javascript tweaks to multiple pages by matching their names with regular expressions.
www/vote-0.1.2 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin for voting on Trac resources
This plugin adds a context-navigation entry that lets users easily vote for a Trac resource, including Wiki pages, tickets, milestones, etc. If a user has a valid session and the VOTE_MODIFY permission they will be able to vote.
www/watchlist-1.0.11526 (Score: 2.52076)
Watchlist feature for wikis and tickets of Trac
This plug-in adds a watchlist for wikis and tickets. Every logged-in user can watch any wikis and ticket. The watchlist is provided under [/watchlist] which is also added to the main navigation bar.
www/wikigoodies-0.3.3522 (Score: 2.52076)
Plugin for Trac which extends the Wiki with some goodies
This plugin extends the Trac Wiki in several ways: - Support for displaying smileys; - HTML 4.0 entities (named entities and numerical entities); - Automatic replacement of common text idioms by their corresponding symbols (e.g. arrows, fractions, etc.); - Simplified markup for single words: *this* /is/ _important_; - Replace <name@domain> with "mailto:" links (obfuscated if needed) (0.11 only - though that's now in Trac core); - Replace \\... UNC paths with "file:///" links (0.11 only); Each feature can be disabled individually if needed.
Allow email notifications on wiki page changes
Trac Wiki Notification is a plugin that allows users (even anonymous, as long as email is set) to select wiki pages that they wish to be notified (by email) when a change occurs on it.