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java/jakarta-oro-2.0.8 (Score: 6.364188)
Perl/awk/sh regular expressions for Java
The Jakarta-ORO Java classes are a set of text-processing Java classes that provide Perl5 compatible regular expressions, AWK-like regular expressions, glob expressions, and utility classes for performing substitutions, splits, filtering filenames, etc. This library is the successor to the OROMatcher, AwkTools, PerlTools, and TextTools libraries from ORO, Inc. (www.oroinc.com). They have been donated to the Jakarta Project by Daniel Savarese (www.savarese.org), the copyright holder of the ORO libraries.
java/jakarta-regexp-1.5 (Score: 6.364188)
Regular expressions for Java
A 100% Pure Java Regular Expression package by Jonathan Locke.
java/intellij-pty4j-0.5 (Score: 6.364188)
FreeBSD-compatible replacement for IntelliJ's bundled Pty4J
FreeBSD-compatible replacement for IntelliJ's bundled Pty4J
java/avis-1.2.0 (Score: 6.364188)
Elvin Publish/Subscribe Message Bus server based on the Elvin protocol
Avis is a multicast event bus server. Providing the ability to publish and subscribe to events. The protocol is compatible with the commercial Elvin implmentation developed by Mantara Software.
java/je-6.2.31 (Score: 6.364188)
Berkeley DB Java Edition
This is a pure-Java implementation of Berkeley DB by SleepyCat (now Oracle). Java-1.7 is required for building. From the "Berkeley DB JE was designed from the ground up in Java. It takes full advantage of the Java environment. The Berkeley DB JE API provides a Java Collections-style interface, as well as a programmatic interface similar to the Berkeley DB API. Berkeley DB JE is different from all other Java databases available today. Berkeley DB JE is not a relational engine built in Java. It is a Berkeley DB-style embedded store, with an interface designed for programmers, not DBAs. Berkeley DB JE's architecture employs a log-based, no-overwrite storage system, enabling high concurrency and speed while providing ACID transactions and record-level locking. Berkeley DB JE efficiently caches most commonly used data in memory, without exceeding application-specified limits. In this way Berkeley DB JE works with an application to use available JVM resources while providing access to very large data sets. The Berkeley DB JE architecture provides an underlying storage layer for any Java application requiring high performance, transactional integrity and recoverability."
java/bluej-3.1.1 (Score: 6.364188)
Integrated Java environment designed for introductory teaching
BlueJ is an integrated Java environment specifically designed for introductory teaching. BlueJ supports: - fully integrated environment - graphical class structure display - graphical and textual editing - built-in editor, compiler, virtual machine, debugger, etc. - easy-to-use interface, ideal for beginners - interactive object creation - interactive object calls - interactive testing - incremental application development
java/openjdk-r351880 (Score: 6.364188)
Oracle's Java 6 virtual machine release under the GPL v2
OpenJDK is an open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition. Much of the OpenJDK code is licensed under the GPL version 2 with the Classpath exception. The Java Hotspot virtual machine source code is licensed under the GPL version 2 only.
java/bouncycastle-1.45 (Score: 6.364188)
Cleanroom build of Java Cryptography Extensions
The Bouncy Castle Crypto APIs consist of the following: . A lightweight cryptography API in Java. . A provider for the JCE and JCA. . A clean room implementation of the JCE 1.2.1. . A library for reading and writing encoded ASN.1 objects. . Generators for Version 1 and Version 3 X.509 certificates, Version 2 CRLs, and PKCS12 files. . Generators for Version 2 X.509 attribute certificates. . Generators/Processors for S/MIME and CMS (PKCS7). . Generators/Processors for OCSP (RFC 2560). . Generators/Processors for TSP (RFC 3161). . Generators/Processors for OpenPGP (RFC 2440). . A signed jar version suitable for JDK 1.4/1.5 and the Sun JCE. It's distributed under a modified X license.
java/cacao-1.6.1 (Score: 6.364188)
JIT compiler for JAVA
CACAO is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which uses Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation to execute Java methods natively.
java/javahelp-2.0.05 (Score: 6.364188)
Online help support for Java applications
The JavaHelp system is an online help system that developers can use to add online help to their Java platform applications. The JavaHelp system is both a JCP specification (JSR 97) and a reference implementation of that specification. The JavaHelp system open source project includes the source to the reference implementation.