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mail/ask-2.5.3 (Score: 1.4680804)
Anti Spam Killer content filtering
Active Spam Killer (ASK) protects your email account against spam by confirming the sender's email address before actual delivery takes place. The confirmation happens by means of a "confirmation message" that is automatically sent to all "unknown" users.
mail/libspamtest-20080808 (Score: 1.4680804)
Kaspersky Anti-Spam 3.x library
The Kaspersky Antispam 3.0 software is a efficient anti-spam solution. It uses sophisticated methods to fight spam with very low false positive rate. Client software for various MTA is provided. This package installs hand compiled spamtest library.
mail/spamcup-1.09 (Score: 1.4680804)
Tool for automatic spam reporting via Spamcop.net
Spamcup is a tool for automatic spam reporting via Spamcop.net. It performs the same actions as if you were to report spam to spamcop.net with a Web browser, but from the commandline. Spamcup is written in Perl.
mail/bsfilter-3.14.0 (Score: 1.4533255)
Spam filtering, bsfilter based plugin for Claws Mail
Check all messages that are received from an IMAP, LOCAL or POP account for spam using Bsfilter.
mail/surblhost-0.8.0 (Score: 1.4533255)
Check if a hostname is blacklisted
Surblhost is a small program to see if hostnames are listed in the Spam URI Realtime Blocklists (SURBL). Hosts that are blacklisted means that global spam email have been reported to contain links to these hosts. Many popular spam email filters use these lists to identify spam email, but this program makes it possible to use the lists for any conceivable purpose, such as filtering out bad hosts from URL redirection, and so on.
mail/isbg-1.00 (Score: 1.4384191)
Scan an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin
IMAP Spam Begone (isbg) is a script that makes it easy to scan an IMAP inbox for spam using SpamAssassin and get your spam moved to another folder. Unlike the normal mode of deployments for SpamAssassin, isbg does not need to be involved in mail delivery, and can run on completely different machines to where your mailbox actually is.
www/Blog-Spam-1.0.2 (Score: 1.4384191)
Blog & Forum SPAM Detection
The blogspam site exists to provide a service which allows you to test whether a submitted blog/forum comment is SPAM or not, in real-time. We can identify many common SPAM characteristics and using them allow comments to be blocked - cutting down on the SPAM that might otherwise affect your site.
www/Net-Akismet-0.05 (Score: 1.4384191)
Perl interface to the Akismet comment and trackback spam blocker
From the README file: Net::Akismet is meant to provide perl interface to the Akismet web service. Akismet is blog comment and trackback spam blocker, free for personal use. More info on http://akismet.com/ The module allows you to either check if an item is spam or report certain comment as spam/false postivie.
mail/bayespam-0.9.2 (Score: 1.3927433)
Qmail spam filter written in Perl using Bayesian classification
Bayespam is a qmail spam filter written in Perl, using Bayesian classification to filter out unsolicited commercial email. It is written with ease of installation and use in mind, and it is encouraged that you give it a try. Bayespam actually learns as you give it more spam to process, so it should become better and better the longer you use it. Bayespam is based on a paper written by Paul Graham called A Plan for Spam. In this paper, Mr. Graham talked about a spam filter he is working on that used Bayesian classification to determine if a particular piece of email is spam or not.
mail/assp- (Score: 1.271395)
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy is a spam filter that sits on port 25 in front of your regular SMTP server (sendmail, postfix, qmail, etc). ASSP performs a number of configurable spam checks, and on detecting a spam message, provides an immediate 5xx SMTP error code back to the client. Non-spam messages are passed to your regular SMTP server for further processing and delivery. ASSP includes SSL and IPv6 support. It is a single script with a web-based configuration tool. ASSP offers: - a whitelist of known good senders - Bayesian checks on message headers and contents - recipient address validation using LDAP and RFC822 conformance - relay denial - HELO checking - SPF (Sender Policy Framework) checking - DNSBL (DNS Block List) checking using many DNSBL services - various SMTP error modes detection - Virus detection and many other spam detection techniques.