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devel/Devel-Caller-Perl-1.4 (Score: 0.30360633)
Perl extension to implement Devel::Caller with Perl only
This module allows a method to get at arguments passed to subroutines higher up in the call stack.
devel/Devel-CheckBin-0.04 (Score: 0.30246568)
Check that a command is available
Devel::CheckBin is a perl module that checks whether a particular command is available.
devel/Devel-KYTProf-0.05 (Score: 0.30246568)
Perl extension for simple profiler
Devel::KYTProf is a perl code profiler to explore IO blocking time.
devel/Devel-StackTrace-2.01 (Score: 0.3013596)
Stack trace and stack trace frame objects
The Devel::StackTrace module contains two classes, Devel::StackTrace and Devel::StackTraceFrame. The goal of this object is to encapsulate the information that can found through using the caller() function, as well as providing a simple interface to this data. The Devel::StackTrace object contains a set of Devel::StackTraceFrame objects, one for each level of the stack. The frames contain all the data available from caller() as of Perl 5.6.0 though this module still works with 5.00503.
devel/Devel-Refactor-0.05 (Score: 0.29655254)
Perl extension for refactoring Perl code
The Devel::Refactor module is for code refactoring. While Devel::Refactor may be used from Perl programs, it is also designed to be used with the EPIC plug-in for the eclipse integrated development environment.
devel/Devel-Events-0.08 (Score: 0.2961002)
Perl5 module providing an extensible instrumentation framework
The Perl 5 module Devel::Events is an event generation, filtering and analaysis framework for instrumenting and auditing perl code.
devel/Devel-PackagePath-0.03 (Score: 0.2961002)
Inspect and manipulate a Path based on a Package name
Devel::PackagePath is a Perl module to inspect and manipulate a Path based on a Package name.
devel/Devel-Caller-2.06 (Score: 0.29564315)
Perl module which is meatier versions of caller
Devel::Caller - meatier versions of caller SYNOPSIS use Devel::Caller qw(caller_cv); $foo = sub { print "huzzah\n" if $foo == caller_cv(0) }; $foo->(); # prints huzzah use Devel::Caller qw(called_with); sub foo { print called_with(0,1); } foo( my @foo ); # should print '@foo'
devel/Devel-MAT-0.24 (Score: 0.29564315)
Perl Memory Analysis Tool
A Devel::MAT instance loads a heapdump file, and provides a container to store analysis tools to work on it. Tools may be provided that conform to the Devel::MAT::Tool API, which can help analyse the data and interact with the explorer user interface by using the methods in the Devel::MAT::UI package.
devel/Devel-CheckLib-1.07 (Score: 0.28973466)
Check that a library is available
Devel::CheckLib provides a way of checking whether a particular library and its headers are available, by attempting to compile a simple program and link against it.