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Paste to http://pastebin.com from Perl
The module provides means of pasting large texts into http://pastebin.com pastebin site.
www/WWW-Shorten-0rz-0.07 (Score: 0.17678124)
Shorten URL using 0rz.net
Shorten URL using 0rz.net
www/WWW-Shorten-Bitly-1.17 (Score: 0.17678124)
Abstract interface to bit.ly, one of URL shortening sites
A Perl API to Bit.ly, one of URL shortening sites.
www/WWW-Shorten-Googl-1.02 (Score: 0.17678124)
Perl interface to goo.gl
A Perl interface to the goo.gl URL shortening service. Googl simply maintains a database of long URLs, each of which has a unique identifier.
www/WWW-Shorten-KUSO-0.3 (Score: 0.17678124)
Shorten URL using http://KUSO.CC/
www/WWW-Shorten-isgd-0.02 (Score: 0.17678124)
Abstract interface to is.gd, one of URL shortening sites
A Perl interface to is.gd, one of many URL shortening sites.
www/WWW-Spinn3r-3.00700001 (Score: 0.17678124)
Interface to the Spinn3r API
API is implemented over REST and XML and documented at http://spinn3r.com/documentation. Spinn3r service is available through a vendor key, which you can get from the good folks at Tailrank, http://spinn3r.com/contact.
www/links-hacked-101110 (Score: 0.1665263)
Hacked version of a Links WWW browser
WWW browser Links well known and now hacked for more features including tabs, basic auth and toolbar, hot key for images, form entry saving, much better X fonts, etc.
www/mhonarc-2.6.18 (Score: 0.16434991)
WWW front end for mail archives
MHonArc can process mail messages to create a set of indexed html pages. Threaded and chronological indices can be generated, and messages can be added incrementally to an existing archive. A `standalone' mode is also supported for quick conversions of individual messages to HTML without adding them to the index. MIME attachments in mail messages are handled. MHTML is also supported. The program is highly customizable and is well documented. See URL for more information.
www/htdump-0.9y (Score: 0.1638219)
Tool to retrieve WWW data
HTdump is an automation utility to retrieve URLs and write them to a file, or process them through a pipeline. It is also a very usefull tool for web developer who work low level, for example with CGI binaries. This makes a perfect debugging tool, since it allows usual but also rfc-illegal operations. Packet level debugging is included in this tool.