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WWW color names and equivalent RGB values
WWW color names and equivalent RGB values. This modules defines color names and their associated RGB values from various WWW specifications and implementations.
devel/Test-WWW-Mechanize-PSGI-0.35 (Score: 0.2392502)
Perl extension to test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize
Test PSGI programs using WWW::Mechanize.
www/WWW-Scripter-0.032 (Score: 0.23139505)
Module for scripting web sites that have scripts
This is a subclass of WWW::Mechanize that uses the W3C DOM and provides support for scripting.
www/WWW-WebArchive-0.50 (Score: 0.22656825)
Retrieve old versions of public web pages from various web archives
from various web archives. * http://www.archive.org - Internet Archive's Wayback Machine * http://www.google.com - Google's page cache This is useful if 1. Your web server crashed and you didn't have complete backups 2. A site (such as a valuable reference source) changed or went away and you want to restore an old version of the site to your local disk
www/WWW-Curl-4.17 (Score: 0.22314478)
Perl extension interface for libcurl
The Perl module WWW::Curl provides an interface to the cURL library "libcurl".
www/WWW-RobotRules-6.02 (Score: 0.22061408)
Database of robots.txt-derived permissions
This module parses /robots.txt files which are used to forbid conforming robots from accessing parts of a web site. The parsed files are kept in a WWW::RobotRules object, and this object provides methods to check if access to a given URL is prohibited.
www/WWW-Wikipedia-2.04 (Score: 0.22061408)
Perl module of Automated interface to the Wikipedia
http://www.wikipedia.org, which is a free, collaborative, online encyclopedia. This module allows you to search for a topic and return the resulting entry. It also gives you access to related topics which are also available via the Wikipedia for that entry.
Decode Mech content using its HTTP response encoding
decoded_content utility method to WWW::Mechanize.
www/WWW-TV-0.14 (Score: 0.21955112)
Perl interface to the database of series/episodes at TV.com
at http://www.tv.com. It allows to retrieve information about tv shows by its TV.com code.
www/www6to4-1.6 (Score: 0.21504642)
Lightweight http proxy to help IPv4 only browsers
This is a little WWW-proxy that can communicate over both IPv4 and IPv6. It's primary use is as stub-proxy between a IPv4-only browser and the rest of the (v4 and v6) Internet. This proxy is meant to run on a client machine as frontend to an IPv4-only browser and not to serve a large number of clients. If you need the latter you're much better off with a full-fledged proxy like squid. This program is based on same code copyrighted by the Junkbusters Corp.