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www/nginx-1.10.1 (Score: 0.41447333)
小而强大的 WWW 服务器
又一个小而强大的 www 服务器,支持 kqueue (EV_CLEAR、 EV_DISABLE、NOTE_LOWAT、EV_EOF 等)、select、poll、 sendfile。
www/guile-www-1.1.1 (Score: 0.34358)
Guile modules for WWW interaction
Guile-WWW is a set of Guile Scheme modules providing support for navigating HTTP connections, parsing URLs, handling CGI operations, and fetching WWW resources.
www/WWW-Mechanize-Shell-0.55 (Score: 0.33119744)
Interactive shell for www/p5-WWW-Mechanize
This module implements a www-like shell above WWW::Mechanize and also has the capability to output crude Perl code that recreates the recorded session. Its main use is as an interactive starting point for automating a session through WWW::Mechanize.
www/WWW-Search-2.516 (Score: 0.32566464)
Perl5 module for WWW searches
This class is the parent for all access method supported by the WWW::Search library. This library implements a Perl API to web-based search engines. Current search engines supported include AltaVista (both web and news), Dejanews, Excite (web only), HotBot (web only), Infoseek (e-mail, web, and news) and Lycos. Search results are limited and there is a pause between each request for results to avoid overloading either the client or the server.
www/WWW-NioTV-0.04 (Score: 0.31849557)
Retrieve TV information from http://www.niotv.com/
Retrieve TV information from http://www.niotv.com/
JavaScript plugin for WWW::Scripter
This module is a plugin for WWW::Scripter that provides JavaScript capabilities.
www/WWW-Mechanize-Meta-0.07 (Score: 0.31148863)
Adds HEAD tag parsing to WWW::Mechanize
Adds HEAD tag parsing to WWW::Mechanize
www/WWW-Mechanize-Pluggable-1.12 (Score: 0.3105811)
Custmomize WWW::Mechanize via plugins
This module provides all of the same functionality of WWW::Mechanize, but adds support for plugins using Module::Pluggable; this means that any module named WWW::Mechanize::Plugin::whatever... will be found and loaded when WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable is loaded. Big deal, you say. Well, it becomes a big deal in conjunction with WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's other feature: plugin hooks. When plugins are loaded, their import() methods can call WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's prehook and posthook methods. These methods add callbacks to the plugin code in WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's methods. These callbacks can act before a method or after it, and have to option of short-circuiting the call to the WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable method altogether. These methods receive whatever parameters the WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable methods received, plus a reference to the actvive Mech object. All other extensions to WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable are handled by the plugins.
Combine WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder
This module combines WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder.
www/WWW-Robot-0.026 (Score: 0.2978229)
WWW::Robot - configurable web traversal engine
for use in web robots.
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