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www/nginx-1.10.1 (Score: 0.41447333)
Robust and small WWW server
NGINX is a high performance edge web server with the lowest memory footprint and the key features to build modern and efficient web infrastructure. NGINX functionality includes HTTP server, HTTP and mail reverse proxy, caching, load balancing, compression, request throttling, connection multiplexing and reuse, SSL offload and HTTP media streaming.
www/guile-www-1.1.1 (Score: 0.34358)
Guile modules for WWW interaction
Guile-WWW is a set of Guile Scheme modules providing support for navigating HTTP connections, parsing URLs, handling CGI operations, and fetching WWW resources.
www/WWW-Mechanize-Shell-0.55 (Score: 0.33119744)
Interactive shell for www/p5-WWW-Mechanize
This module implements a www-like shell above WWW::Mechanize and also has the capability to output crude Perl code that recreates the recorded session. Its main use is as an interactive starting point for automating a session through WWW::Mechanize.
www/WWW-Search-2.516 (Score: 0.32566464)
Perl5 module for WWW searches
This class is the parent for all access method supported by the WWW::Search library. This library implements a Perl API to web-based search engines. Current search engines supported include AltaVista (both web and news), Dejanews, Excite (web only), HotBot (web only), Infoseek (e-mail, web, and news) and Lycos. Search results are limited and there is a pause between each request for results to avoid overloading either the client or the server.
www/WWW-NioTV-0.04 (Score: 0.31849557)
Retrieve TV information from http://www.niotv.com/
Retrieve TV information from http://www.niotv.com/
JavaScript plugin for WWW::Scripter
This module is a plugin for WWW::Scripter that provides JavaScript capabilities.
www/WWW-Mechanize-Meta-0.07 (Score: 0.31148863)
Adds HEAD tag parsing to WWW::Mechanize
Adds HEAD tag parsing to WWW::Mechanize
www/WWW-Mechanize-Pluggable-1.12 (Score: 0.3105811)
Custmomize WWW::Mechanize via plugins
This module provides all of the same functionality of WWW::Mechanize, but adds support for plugins using Module::Pluggable; this means that any module named WWW::Mechanize::Plugin::whatever... will be found and loaded when WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable is loaded. Big deal, you say. Well, it becomes a big deal in conjunction with WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's other feature: plugin hooks. When plugins are loaded, their import() methods can call WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's prehook and posthook methods. These methods add callbacks to the plugin code in WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable's methods. These callbacks can act before a method or after it, and have to option of short-circuiting the call to the WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable method altogether. These methods receive whatever parameters the WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable methods received, plus a reference to the actvive Mech object. All other extensions to WWW::Mechanize::Pluggable are handled by the plugins.
Combine WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder
This module combines WWW::Mechanize and HTML::TreeBuilder.
www/WWW-Robot-0.026 (Score: 0.2978229)
WWW::Robot - configurable web traversal engine
for use in web robots.
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